Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Revlon Run

Last weekend, I did a 5k race with some friends from our ward. The race was to help with cancer research, and our team raised almost $8,000!!!!Thank you to everyone who donated. On this sign were the names of everyone we were running for who had a battle with cancer.

The run was very fun, but so crowded! Even when they said "go", we couldn't start running for about 10 minutes because the streets were so packed. It was exciting though, because it started in Times Square and went through Central Park. I am definitely doing this again next year.


Jennie said...

That looks so fun! Remember our running days in P-town?! Good times. Hez, I am so excited to come see you in a few weeks I can't stand it! :)

Katie Blacker said...

Wow Hez. You are one amazing runner. I never understood why people run for fun...but I can understand doing it for a good cause! Thats awesome. We missed you on our girls night. But it sounded like you will get to see some of the girls in a few weeks? That will be fun! I am sad to miss out but, I just can't plan anything without knowing our future plans. Has that grocery store opened up so close to your house yet?