Friday, June 13, 2008

Our Anniversary

Kevin and I got do to something very cool for our 3-year anniversary (wow! three years-time flies). The BYU Chamber Orchestra came and did a show at Carnegie Hall, and the BYU Alumni Association gave free tickets to all the wards in NYC. So, Kevin and I were able to go and it was awesome. It was very neat because there were foreign diplomats there with us! And it was very cool because they started with a prayer. I thought this was neat, because being away from BYU makes you realize that everyone around you isn't Mormon and people are watching you, so you really have to stay strong in your convictions. that night I felt so proud to have attended BYU. The orchestra represented us well. Being inside of Carnegie Hall wasn't too shabby either.


Nick and Sarah said...

You guys are too cute ... gotta love the first few years of being a poor married couple! I'm glad you were able to have fun time! :)

Katie Blacker said...

Happy, third? anniversary! Wow woman. You are a veteran. Thats fun you got to do something cool. Its always hard to make it special. Well, I only have one of experience but if you're not careful,like birthdays, they can end up being just another day.