Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lifestyles of the rich and famous

Last weekend, Kevin and I took a trip to Newport, Rhode Island, with our friends Jon and Julie. While there, we saw a few mansions that were preserved from wealthy families of the Gilded Age. They were gorgeous! My favorite was probably the Vanderbilt's mansion, "The Breakers". It was so big and it was right on the ocean. We took a tour of several of the mansions, and my favorite things to see in each of them were the kitchens and bathrooms. The kitchens were so big, and they even had some old containers (like crackers for example) from the 1920's. The bathrooms were interesting, because the toilets were always kind of hidden-maybe they didn't want people to think they had to use the bathroom!

The tea house and the Breakers mansion

We also went sailing! Kevin got to drive:)

We thought it was funny that these statues had water coming out of their mouths-it looks like they are throwing up!


Heather said...

That looks SO beautiful! It's officially on the list of things to do!

The Utterback Family said...

You guys are too cute in your pics!