Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I know, I am a bad blogger. I haven't posted in a while. But really, I haven't been doing anything, so I had nothing to write about. But the past two weekends were fun, so I shall blog about those now:

Two weekends ago, Kevin and I went to DC again. We really like it there, so we thought we would visit again. It was a short trip, so we mainly just went to the museums, but we are into that kind of stuff so we had a lot of fun.

Here we are in front of the White House (on the Pennsylvania Ave. side)

Here is the Hope Diamond in the Museum of Natural History.

Here I am learning about dinosaurs. It's really fascinating how they get the fossils, and this museum had real fossils! (you can see my pregnant belly in this pic-here I am about 17 weeks!)

The Space museum was really cool, and it was interesting to learn how astronauts go to the bathroom-this is their toilet! And, when they go on space walks, they have to wear diapers, because it takes them 3 hours to put on their suits, and sometimes they are out for 8 hours!

Here is Kevin, leaning on the Washington Monument.

We also got to visit our friends, Sean and Stephanie, and Callie and Carly. Thanks for meeting up with us! It was great to see you guys!

The next weekend, Kevin had to work in Boston, so I went up with him. I love Boston-it is so clean, and it has so much history (I really like American History). We drove up on Friday night, and then it rained all day Saturday, so I don't really have any pictures. But, something kind of scary happened in our hotel-the fire alarm went off! And it was not a drill-someone got on the loudspeaker, and said "exit to the nearest floor". I was hurrying to put on my shoes, and Kevin was taking his sweet time. So we walked down the stairs, and several people were walking up, saying "this is ridiculous". Others were acting a little panicky. We got down to the lobby, and they said it was all clear. I guess the alarm kept going off because water was leaking on the roof, and the alarm went off at 4:00 am the night before (luckily we weren't there yet!) I was kind of alarmed that people weren't following the evacuation route, but I guess I am just a stickler for the rules.

I got back from Boston on Sunday, and two friends from my ward invited me to go with them to stand outside the MTV VMA's with them! We went to see the cast from Twilight, but there were so many people we couldn't really see. However, we did hear them announce Taylor Lautner (Jacob) so we screamed for him. That was exciting. I did get two videos though-I saw Pink and Taylor Swift! It was pretty exciting. Sorry the videos are kind of blurry-we were packed in like sardines, so people kept pushing. Some people just go crazy over celebs:) Thanks for inviting me Natasha and Emily!!

Here we are outside the red carpet at the VMA's

In other news, Kevin and I are moving:( We are still in NYC, we are just moving to another borough. We found a great apt. that's close to everything-parks, grocery stores and restaurants, church, and even the Temple! It will be a lot easier for us when the baby comes. The only bad thing about it is that we won't be in the same ward. I am sad to leave our ward, and the friends that live close to us:( I hope we can all still hang out!


Katie Blacker said...

I am so excited for this blog post. I have been meaning to call you and get the 411 on your ever-changing life. So, still NY huh? It sounds great though, like the perfect compromise. And the VMAs? you dirty dog. I watched the red carpet on TV not knowing I should have been looking for you! Super cool hez. You look cute as ever with your prego belly. I hope you are feeling better. lovin u.

Leah Z said...


First, I'm not even going to comment on your move. We are so sad to see you go. Hopefully we run into you and Kevin at the temple often.

Second, I am jealous you got such a good look at the Hope Diamond. The day we were there that particular exhibit was literally jammed packed with boy scouts. It was like a sea of Khaki -- like a moving desert. :)

We walked in and them immediately squeezed our way back out, without seeing anything.

Chris, Sarah, Madi, and Jax said...

Heather, you look super cute with a little belly :) We're so excited for you guys! And Kevin, great grossed out face! Looks like you guys are having fun on the east coast. Good luck with the move!

Ty and Whit said...

I loved the videos, i'm a sucker for celebs