Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fall in New York

In tradition of Callie's visits, we had another rainy weekend in New York. But this time, we got lucky-it mostly rained when we were inside of places:) So we had a lot of fun. We walked through Central Park to see the pretty fall leaves, got hot apple cider at the Union Square Farmer's Market, and saw the Radio City Christmas Spectacular show! I love this show, and have been fortunate to see it every year:) Later, we met up with Emily and hit the Strand bookstore, and then ate lunch at Max Brennar, where we had this amazing fondue!!!!

It was such a great weekend. And, we also were interviewed in Union Square! They were doing a study on men's cologne use, so they asked us some questions and videotaped us. We were both nervous but it was kind of exciting. They said they are using the interviews for a press conference.

Thanks again for visiting Callie! I'm glad we have been able to take advantage of our close proximity. And thanks for humoring me with my pregnancy cravings:) I only wish the whole gang could have been there!


Katie Blacker said...

SO MUCH FUN! love the pictures. And thats awesome about the cologne study!

J. said...

I love the pics!! All my favorite faces. It makes me miss "the city" too. The Max Brenner restaurant sounds and looks amazing. I want a belly shot before little Hirst bursts out.

Oh and thanks for your message!! I want to call and chat, but I've been getting home around 11 or 12 your time:(. I'm so glad you got the beenie. xo