Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

Our new year's was pretty low key this year, just spent at home. Here I am eating ice cream, and I was excited to see that I could rest my bowl on my belly! I don't know why I was excited about this, but it makes eating a little easier I guess:)

So here is my belly at 33 weeks. It is getting so close now! When I came back from California for Christmas, I all of a sudden felt a panic to get everything done. I am sure that I am driving Kevin crazy, pestering him to get everything now! He is very patient with me though:)

Our Christmas was really fun. We spent it in Sacramento with Kevin's family this year, and it was fun to see one of our nieces that we hadn't met yet. She was a lot of fun. We also had a Christmas eve party, and Kevin and I were Mary and Joseph when we acted out the nativity. I was also really craving a box of chocolates (you know, where you have lots of different selections and its fun to see what you get) so Kevin's dad got me two boxes! it was so great:) The rest of the time was spent hanging out, playing speed scrabble, and eating lots of good food. It was a nice break (well, I guess for Kevin it was a nice break, cause I have nothing going on these days to need a break from!)

And, one of my nieces made me this cute poster:)


Katie Blacker said...

Hez!!! You are so freakin cute all preggers and stuff. I love it. I am so glad you had a great Christmas. I will have to call and ask you more about it. Plus I want to hear how your last tri-mester is going.

Love you!

J. said...

AHH the time is almost here! I wish I could see little Hirst when you have him, but pictures will have to do for awhile. You are one cute prego!

I started back to school, and I'm not going to lie, it was rough...thanks for asking. When you're missing it, just think of those anxiety attacks teaching can induce.

Talk to you soon love ya!

Holly Greco said...

He's getting so close! How exciting! Love the pic of the ice cream on your belly!...being pregnant does have some advantages:)

Jenna said...

Ty Jensen's wife here :) Good luck with your last few weeks! Pretty exciting!