Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bath #2

Jacob had his second full bath today, and he really liked it this time! The only time he cried was when we took him out of the bath. We got some really cute pictures of him after the bath, and he was almost smiling:)

We also took him the the doctor this week, and he is jaundice free! And he has been gaining weight. He is now 8lbs 15 oz, and growing every day:)

Our cute little monkey

Here Jacob is plotting to take over the world!!!


Tyrel said...

What a little stud!

Sarah, Nick and Seth said...

So So So cute! I can't get over it!

Jenna said...

believe me - bath time will just keep getting more and more fun. I love ending the day with his favorite and most exciting activity! What a doll you have!