Monday, June 21, 2010

Visitors Galore!

I just love when people come to visit us! One, it's adds some excitement to my day, and two, it makes me become a tourist so I can see all the NY sites I don't see on a daily basis. When Jacob is older I can tell him he has been to many famous places! Plus, I love to see friends and family:) I also love when people visit because they usually want to eat at the Shake Shack, and I have no problem with that!

Last weekend, Callie and Brad came to visit us and it was so much fun. Callie sure knew how to get a smile out of Jacob!

And of course, we visited the Shake Shack for some amazing burgers. We ate on a bench in front of the American Museum of Natural History.

And, I found out that Brad's mom was my El. Ed. P.E. teacher at BYU! Small world.

Thanks for visiting us you guys, it was so fun to see you!

The next day, my sister Holly, her husband Johnny, and their little girl Kayden drove to NYC from Columbus OH to stay with us for the week.

It was Holly's birthday on Monday, so I surprised her with a watermelon cake:) It didn't quite turn out like the one in the magazine, but you could still tell it was a watermelon, right?

Kayden made herself right at home! She is so funny. She loves to sing and she knows how to shake her booty:)

Here are some of the fun things we did:

Central Park

Crumbs cupcake shop...Yum!

Statue of Liberty (well, we saw it from the park)

Dylan's Candy bar (I love the assortment of gummy bears they have here!) Kayden got a giant lollipop and it was all over her face--classic:)

American Museum of Natural History (there is a giant whale behind me, but the picture is pretty dark so you might not be able to see it)

Lombardi's, the first pizzeria in the US

The kids were pooped! So were the parents:)

This was Jacob on most of our outings. He was such a good boy when he was awake too:)

Thanks for visiting us guys!

Now it's back to my regular days....Anyone else want to come visit?

Here are some more pics from earlier in the week at our ward picnic.


Holly Greco said...

The new pic of Jacob at the beginning of your blog is so cute! Did your friend take that one? I miss you too! Wish we could come back! But i will see you soon in Columbus! :)

Capital C said...

Clearly, you guys are the best hosts ever!! I love these pics!!

Katie Blacker said...

oh man. super cute. how fun to have company...and such great company at that! love it.

J. said...

Jacob is getting so big! I am jealous and LOVE to visit you guys and NYC. Fun fun times. You are the best hosts ever might I add.

Jenna said...

We'll have to visit sometime :)

I love the cake! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE lombardi's!!!