Monday, November 1, 2010

Scooby and the gang

We had a weekend full of Halloween fun! This year, we decided to dress as Scooby and the gang--Jacob was Scooby, Kevin was Fred, and I was Daphne. First, here are a couple pics from a mini photo shoot I did with Jacob a few weeks ago:

On Friday, Kevin's office had a little Halloween gathering for the kids (and yes, I was the only adult who dressed up--oh well:) Jacob had fun watching the other kids.

He was also hard at work--here he is typing away on one of Kevin's coworker's computers:)

Then we had our ward party, which was a lot of fun. We had to put a hat on underneath his hood, because that was the only way it would stay on. So unfortunately, he couldn't wear it too long, because it got too hot. But he sure looks cute as Scooby:)

The mystery gang

I don't think he liked this hay very much

But he had tons of fun playing with daddy!

Then we went to 69th street for their annual block party. Everyone decorates their place, and there is trick-or treating and a little show. We took Jacob trick or treating to a few places (knowing that we would eat the candy, but unfortunately we didn't get any chocolate!). The church on that street had a cool little graveyard scene.

Here is Jacob watching the buzz lightyear show!

We thought this house was really cool.

When we got home, Jacob was hammin' it up for us:)

I just love Halloween!!!!


Sarah said...

How fun! You are a perfect Daphne ..I LOVE IT! Don't worry, I was the only adult dressed up at most of our gatherings too ... we're just the cool moms! (or that's what i'm telling myself anyway)

Katie Blacker said...

i love your costumes. So awesome. Mr. Jacob couldn't be cuter.

Jenna said...

awesome costumes!

J said...

Oh dang. What a cute Scooby family. You look awesome as Daphne. I still remember your Scooby animal sitting on you bed at the dorm:). Now you have a real life Scooby.