Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A fun surprise

The other day, I got this cute box of tissue in the mail.

It came with this card--"A gift from Kevin Hirst". I just thought it was so sweet. Random, but sweet.

I love you too Kev:)

Here is what else we have been up to lately:


Play dates with friends

Visiting the Museum of Natural History. This is one of our favorite cold weather activities.

More play dates. Our friends from the ward made this awesome house out of cardboard boxes. Jacob was in heaven.

He also loved this baby doll, which I thought was so sweet. I said to Kevin "we should get him a baby doll", and he said "no way".

And, we are currently in the middle of an ice storm! I thought the trees looked really pretty though:)

I am very grateful for good friends who help get Jacob and I through these super cold days!


Katie Blacker said...

cool ice storm pictures.
and, I can't get enough of that cute baby!

Jennie La said...

J is getting so big! The kleenex's are so random and funny.

Sarah said...

Looks like you guys are staying busy in the cold. It gets so hard with little ones to keep occupied. Looks like Jacob doesn't mind the cold weather as long as his super cool mom is around! :)