Sunday, February 20, 2011

Living like a tourist

This past week we had Kevin's sister Tara and their family friend Sharon in town visiting us. I always love to have visitors, because then I become a tourist! It is fun for me to get out and see things I don't usually see, and to eat yummy food that I don't usually eat. Like these macaroons for example:

They are soooooooooo good! They are from the Bouchon Bakery and you simply must try them. Although, a word of advice--don't eat a whole one in one sitting. I did, and my stomach was not too happy later. It was just too much. But super good.

We also braved our way through the cold and went to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Jacob was in love with the pigeons--he is pointing at them in this picture (that is how he points).

We also ate at the little cafe on Liberty Island. The food was very good, but the only places to sit down were outside, where there are tons of pigeons. I got pooped on twice. Once on my coat, and another on my food. Luckily I was finished eating. (Thanks for these cute pics Tara!)

Such a cutie:)

Ellis Island. This was my first time visiting Ellis Island, and it was a little different than I had imagined. You can only go into a portion of the building, and it is pretty bare. Also, the kiosks where you can search for your ancestors were almost all broken. But, they did have some pictures and artifacts from when the island was in use, and I thought that was really interesting. I couldn't imagine having to journey for three months on a ship, and then arrive in New York and have to go through the lines and tests. Not to mention, some families were separated from each other, and some were quarantined if they were thought to be too sick. I am grateful for modern day travel!

Here is the big room where people would have to wait in really long lines. They had their eyes tested, and had literacy tests. If the testers thought something wasn't right, they would put a chalk x on you and you would have to get more tests.

Jacob had fun cruising along the benches. Did I mention he is sort of walking now? He takes about 6 steps, and is getting more and more brave, letting go of the couch and such. It is very fun:)

If you walk along Park ave these days, you will see these delightful flower sculptures all along the street. It was a fun suprise as we were walking towards Dylan's Candy bar, where Tara and I always get the most delicious gummy bears (pretty pricey though, only for special occasions:)

On Thursday, we met Kevin for lunch at Pop Burger, which has delicious sliders. They also have super good onion rings and fries.

Jacob loved the french fries.

Tara, Sharon and I also got to see a show--Spiderman! It was awesome, and we had these amazing seats.

Right on the balcony!

And just for fun--In my ward, there were 18 babies born in 2010!!! So, we decided to try and get a picture of all of us and our babes:) A few of the moms aren't in the picture, but we were impressed with the picture we got--none of the babies were crying! It has been so much fun sharing this experience with such great women. It has been so much fun, and Jacob now has lots of friends! We are going to have one giant nursery when these kids are all old enough:)

And for even more fun--Jacob has been eating quite a bit these days!

Kevin has this app on his phone that adds a little something to your face:) We thought it would be so funny to take Jacob's pic with it.

Lately, Jacob has been cracking up when I say "do you have a poopy diaper?" and he cracks up when Kevin says "Did you fart?" Could it be that he knows what those words are? He is definitely a Hirst, no mistaking that!


Katie Blacker said...

ah, your making me want to come visit! I love me some NYC! That is so fun you got to see Spiderman!

Jennie La said...

I miss NYC! Those macaroons seem to be all the rage. Awesome pics Hez.

rebecca said...

we pass by bouchon all the time. why have i never indulged???

Danielle said...

Did anyone get hurt during the Spiderman show?? :) Did they work out all the kinks?

That's so funny that Jacob laughs when you say poop or fart. Hilarious.

Jenna said...

haha. i love the picture of him by the bench. I'll have to keep that pop burger place in mind for a future nyc visit. And I can't believe 18 ladies with babies. Did you guys plan to wear matching outfits?

eliza said...

I want to go to NYC! One of these days... It's funny how in the USA, we have to have everything so big! In Switzerland, they had these mini macaroons that were called Luxemburgli's and they were delcious! The perfect size.