Sunday, February 27, 2011

My birthday and other fun

My little boy is now a big boy. I am trying to be ok about that. But, being a big boy means more of his personality is coming out, and he sure has a fun one. He loves to go to the park and watch the other kids run around--he thinks it is so fun. He also loves the swings. In this pic you can see him watching the other kids as they run around the playground.

He is also enjoying his little music class with his buddy K. The teacher throws down a bunch of instruments to grab, and Jacob loves to shake them. But this time, he decided to use the maraca as a phone.

These "in your face pics" are always so funny to me!

His favorite instrument is the tambourine (well he actually loves the guitar but of the ones he can play, it's the tambourine). We have one at home so I think that is why he likes it so much.

And as for my birthday, you ask--it was fabulous! On Friday night I met up with a friend from my ward at the Museum of Natural History. It is fun for me to take Jacob here because it has lots of room for him to cruise around, with fun stuff to look at. We spent most of our time in the Hall of African Mammals.

Then my friend and I met up with our hubbies at Magnolia's bakery for some yummy banana pudding (it is sooooooo delicious! Much better than the cupcakes). But, we decided to be responsible adults, and eat dinner first. So we got our pudding to go, and headed two blocks south to Francesco's for a slice of pizza. Sometime's I wonder if Jacob can be mine--he is not that into sweets, and he doesn't really care for pizza! What!! Oh well, I guess it is a good thing he prefers whole wheat pasta and fruit. or maybe he just doesn't appreciate the wonderfullness of NY pizza, like his daddy, who often says "I would rather just have Dominoes". I don't get it.

The fabulous pudding

The next morning, Kevin woke up with Jacob and let me sleep in until 9:00!!!! It was bliss. And I woke up to breakfast in bed (sponsored by McDonald's) and two cute boys smiling at me:) I also got that cute card you see in the pic.

Then, Kevin took me to Target (well, I really love Target!). Jacob is so much fun on the subway because he laughs and is very cute with other people.

And for some reason, we decided to buy an ottoman. Oh the joys of bringing a piece of furniture home on the subway!

We saw this garbage can in the middle of the street and we thought it was really weird.

Then I got a package from my sister, with this super cool apron. Thanks Holly!

That evening, Kevin and I got to go on a date! I picked the Shake Shack, because I love those burgers. We also got a peanut butter and chocolate concrete. MMMMMMM!

Thank you Kevin for the best birthday! Did I also mention that he got me the xbox 360 with the Kinect dance and sports games? It is so awesome! We are hoping it will help us get back into shape, but it is more for fun. Come play with us sometime!

And here is a pic of Jacob being cute. He loves when you blow raspberries on his back.

And today for church, we wanted to sport a different look with Jacob's hair, so we decided to do a Gordon Gekko look.

But after an hour or two, it started to look more like an Ernie McCracken do instead.

Jacob is in a weird hair phase.


Danielle said...

The garbage can in the street makes perfect sense. I mean, you gotta warn people about the pothole, right? They do it in Chicago all the time. No big deal. :)

Happy birthday! Glad you had a good one! I wish we had as good of food here to enjoy on birthdays as you do there...

Katie Blacker said...

haha. I like this post. The hair pictures are killing me. Im so glad you had a good birthday!

stephanie and sean said...

happy birthday!!!!!!! i'm so happy your weekend was full of such wonderful celebrations! :)

Jennie La said...

So many fun things! I wish I could see J (and of course you) in the flesh:) I'm glad you had fun! Talk to you soon!

rebecca said...

magnolia's banana pudding is awesome and overlooked! a great bday looks like.