Monday, July 25, 2011

4th of July (I know, way late)

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays, but I have to say, celebrating it in New York is not always the greatest. There are no parades, you can't really bbq, and you can't go to the neighbors pool for a swim during the day. But,we do have a great firework show. This year actually turned out to be pretty fun. Two of my best friends, Karli and Jennie, were in town visiting, and we also had a fun get together with lots of people from the ward. It was probably my best 4th of July in NYC yet!

I love to make festive food for the holidays. Trader Joe's made it easy with these red, white and blue chips.

Red, white, and blue strawberries.

"Patriotic Punch"--red and blue Gatorade ice cubes in 7-up. I also make homemade ice cream every year, and this year I made watermelon sorbet:)

In the afternoon, a bunch of us from the ward met up on the pier along the river, and we all hung out there for a few hours until the fireworks started. It was a lot of fun. Jacob had a lot of places to walk around, and there were lots of other kids there. Everyone brought a picnic dinner and it was just so much fun. Some friends in the ward took some great photos and sent them to everyone, so the next two photos are from friends.

He looks like such a little man walking and eating his chip:)


They have the same exact expression on their faces!

Jacob looks adorable in this picture; I was not looking too hot that day! I blame it on the pregnancy.

Jacob loved his "aunties". They gave him spicy hummus which he LOVED, and he loved to greet them each morning with "morning!" bright and early.

What a happy boy. I was pleasantly surprised how well he did, especially since we were out three hours past his bed time. He was having too much fun I guess.

Watching the firework show

Two handsome boys:)

I still love the 4th of July:)


Eliza said...

I'm quite impressed with your food talents to celebrate the 4th! Also, congrats on baby #2 on the way! BTW-- you look great and I don't even see any baby bump showing, in spite of the fact that you're already a few months along? Hope you're doing well!

Holly Greco said...

You do so much fun stuff for the fourth! I thin that black and white pic of jake is so cute! He's getting so big! Glad you all had a good day:)

Jennie La said...

Ahhh such fun was had! Thanks for documenting. XOX

stephanie and sean said...

Sean and I have looked at your fun Disney world pictures a few times and somehow I forgot to comment on your exciting news! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I hope you're feeling well. I'm glad your 4th was such a success, and am so insipired by all of your creative ideas! I love that picture of Jacob walking with Kevin, eating chips. When did he get so big!!?