Friday, September 9, 2011

Au Revoir, New York

Jacob loves to point out the helicopters--he calls them "copters"
Saying good bye to New York was harder than I thought.  Four years ago when we moved here I was already itching to move back west.  But it grew on me, and I made some really great friends.  And Jacob was born here, and I have had a lot of fun with him in the city.  So while I am excited to be closer to family and have more space and better weather, there are lots of things I am going to miss about New York.

Jacob had a hard time with the move.  Every morning when he would wake up, more things would be in boxes.  And it was the hardest when we had to pack up his crib--then he really knew something was up.  He would get upset easily and he started clinging to his little doggy more and more each day.  Poor little guy.  I tried to keep his days as normal as I could.
We are going to miss you Central Park!
It didn't help that we had a Hurricane threat in NYC!  I was trying to pack stuff up, and then all of a sudden I was buying tons of water and non perishables.  To be perfectly honest, I was scared.  I think I watched the news too much.  But we were fully prepared, with 72-hour kits, lots of water (including a bath tub full of water) and tape on the windows.  Our elevators in our building shut down, and on Saturday the streets were empty.  All the trains, buses, and subways were shut down, which made the city very quiet and eerie.  I also felt bad for my bro. and sis in law--they were visiting in the middle of all of this!  But lucky for us, we didn't have any problems, and they were still able to have a good vacation.  We were very fortunate, because I know a lot of nearby areas did have some problems.
So anywho, after that I was able to focus on getting things ready to pack up.  I tried to take lots of pictures of Jacob doing his everyday activities, so I can show them to him when he gets lonely for home.  The main thing we did everyday was hit up the playgrounds.  He loves when I push him on the swings and count to 20:)  We also got to have fun Kevin's bro Aaron and his wife Kendra for the last bit of their trip.  It was a lot of fun having them stay and it really helped me not stress so much about moving.  
"Steps!"  Walking with Uncle Aaron in Central Park

Eating pizza at Patsy's with uncle Aaron and Aunt Kendra

Daddy got to come too!

Jacob did have some fun while we were packing up--he had a lot of fun playing with his old baby toys again!  Especially his bus:)

 Saying good bye is never easy.  There are so many people I am going to miss.  It didn't feel like I was actually moving though, since we were going straight on vacation from NY, so I kinda felt like I was coming back (although now it has started to hit me and I am feeling sad).  I am really going to miss so many amazing people that I have become friends with.  I was able to get together with a few close friends before leaving, and it was fun to eat New York treats and chat.  Jacob is already asking about his little friends now that we are gone, and it just makes me sad.

 I am definitely sad to leave, but am looking forward to a new adventure.  (and I am a little scared too!).  But right now I have just been trying to enjoy my time in France!  Pictures to come soon:)
On a side note, I finally finished a good chunk of Jacob's quiet book!  Keep in mind that I am an amateur, so the sewing is a little shaky, and ugly, but it is turning out ok.  Oh, and I got these ideas from the internet and from friend's quiet books, so I can't take any credit for the ideas.  And I still have more pages that I will add.

sorry it is sideways!

It has turned out to be a lot more work than I thought!  But it is also fun:)


Sarah, Nick and Seth said...

Moving can be so hard! The packing is bad enough and you get so stressed about it and forget you still have to say goodbye to everyone. I'm sure you'll see your friends again ... they'd love to have to visit i'm sure!

The quiet book is so so cute! I've been wanting to make one myself ... yours turned out so cute!

eliza said...

I'm still sad that we never made it out for a visit. Are you coming to utah anytime soon? You'll be much closer now in California! We'd love to see you.

Also, your quiet book looks absolutely amazing! I'm super impressed!

Can't wait to see/hear about Paris!

Jennie La said...

OH my goodness Heather! Such amazing experiences you've had. I'm also glad I got to reap the benefits a few times while you lived in New York. It was a great excuse to come visit an amazing city and most importantly see my friend! I know you will love California and make incredible friends as well. Change is never easy and it just takes time. I can't wait to hear all about your trip to Paris and how things are going in your new home! xo

Danielle said...

Yeah, moving is always kind of exciting and kind of sad (and always hard). I hope you enjoy your new set up though!

I have a quiet book kit that I've hardly touched. I need to get working on it! Some of my pages are exactly the same as yours. Miles is definitely to a point where he needs some good distractions at church!