Wednesday, July 23, 2008


This weekend, Kevin and I took a trip to Boston with our friends Rob & Emily. It was incredibly hot and muggy, but we still had a good time. We visited Harvard and MIT, and we also did the Historic Walking tour. The picture of us knocking on the door is Paul Revere's house! We also saw the Old North Church, where Paul Revere hung the lanterns to warn the people that the British were coming. I really enjoyed seeing all the historical sites. But the trip ended on a bad note. We took a Chinatown bus back to NYC, and the A/C was not working!!!!! It was miserable, and the people on the bus were not very pleasant:(


Sarah and Nick said...

How fun to go on couple trips. I think i know emily? She was in a PR group with me. Tell her hello for me!

Katie Blacker said...

Yay a new post! Wow you are all about history these days. Thats awesome. You are so close to so many fun places!