Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our trip to Disneyworld!

Last weekend Kevin and i went to Disneyworld with our good friends Rob and Emily! We had a blast. There are four parks to see there-Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. I think they were all pretty cool, but suprisingly, several rides we thought are better at Disneyland! But, Space Mountain is definitely better at Disneyworld:) Two of my favorite rides were the "Aerosmith Rockin Coaster", and "Everest". Both of them are really fast roller coasters, and they are both great.

At Epcot, they have a Finding Nemo ride that goes through a giant aquarium. Kevin and I stopped to look at all the fish, and one of the fish really liked Kevin. He would follow his every move! It was really funny.

Another thing I loved in Disneyworld was this restaurant called the "Prime Time Cafe". It was like walking into a home in the 1950's! When you put your name in, they say "ok, go take a seat in the living room" and you wait in what looks like a real living room with old black-and-white tv's. Then when it is your turn to eat, they say "Hirst kids, time for lunch!" and you sit down at a kitchen table. Then they tell you things like "no elbows on the table" and "you better eat all your vegetables"! It was so fun.


eliza said...

everytime i see 50's stuff i think of you! Do you have your 50's kitchen yet? white and black with red accents?

Sarah and Nick said...

Look at you guys traveling all over the place! Good for you! So, when are the little Hirst jr.'s going to start coming along?

Katie Blacker said...

so jealous.