Sunday, November 2, 2008


For Halloween this year, we went to our ward party. We scrambled to find costumes last minute, but they turned out ok. Kevin's was hilarious and everyone loved it. He was an Ostrich Jockey. I was a polynesian dancer. I also made these cupcakes for the party, and I took them on the subway to go to the party. Lots of people on the subway asked me if they could have one! I wonder if they really thought I would give them one:)


Danielle said...

Last minute costumes huh? So you have that ostrich jockey costume just lying around? :)

eliza said...

those cupcakes look so yummy! if i remember correctly, isn't halloween your favorite holiday?

J. said...

H & K,

So funny! I love Halloween for that reason. Heather, if you get as excited about it as you used to I'm sure you had a blast! (80's rocker chicks come to mind).

I didn't know you guys went to Disneyworld! How fun!

And as for the Broadway shows, that looks like some much fun too. I'm glad you guys are living it up!

Miss ya, Love ya,

Sarah and Nick said...

You two crack me up! Did Kevin go on the subway dressed like that?...please say yes!

Jenny Utterback said...

Hez! Love the costumes. Maybe one day when we're rich and have tons of time on our hands we can take our husbands to the South Pacific and dress like islanders for real. Halloween is super fun- hope you had a blast with your class! Awesome cupcakes btw! Lovin you!

Katie Blacker said...

I heard about this from you but the picture is priceless. People really asked if they could have one of your cupcakes? Wow those New Yorkers don't hold back huh?