Monday, March 2, 2009

My Birthday

I had a great birthday this year! Well, I had to work late on my actual b-day, but the day before Kevin surprised me by taking me ice skating in Central Park! I have always wanted to do this so it was a lot of fun. After, we went to this great hole-in-the-wall burger place called the Burger Joint. It is inside a hotel, and it is a small little area separated from the hotel by a curtain. The only sign for this place is a neon burger, and when you walk in the menu is written on a piece of cardboard! But, they have great burgers and the best milkshakes.

Then on Friday Kevin surprised me again my meeting up with Rob and Emily for dinner! Then we headed to Rob and Emily's for some Rock Band. It was a great week. Not to mention all the calls/texts/cards from my friends-thanks everyone!


Capital C said...

Hooray for two new posts! I love it. I hope you enjoy your snow day and happy birthday again!!

J. said...

Fun!! What a great memory to have on a bday in NYC. We still need to chat!! xoxoxme

Katie Blacker said...

happy birthday again love! I am glad you had a good one. Kevin is so sweet. what a good husband...hold onto that one! I think We should chat very soon.