Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day

Today we are having a snow day in NYC! All the schools are closed! I was so excited as I was walking back from the subway, but then I got home, and realized Kevin still had to go to work. And I can't really go anywhere because of the snow. Oh well, I guess it is a hot chocolate/work on my scrapbook day! (I didn't take this picture, and we have a lot of snow, but not this much:)


Sarah said...

I'm such a loser. I went to call you on your birthday and then forgot that I don't have your new number. Well I do have it somewhere in my e-mail, but I forgot to save it. So, I'm a loser. But I was thinking about you.

I hope you have a Happy Birthday!

Laura said...

Heather! So fun to see your blog! I found it through J La's blog. It looks like things are going well for you. Skating in Central Park, your life is like a movie!

Sarah and Nick said...

Holy Cow!!! that sounds terrible, especially in new york where i bet they aren't as well equipped for it as here in Utah! I hope you survived and got some things done!