Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our trip to Ireland!

Kevin and I went on a trip to Ireland! We found a great deal online (because it is so cold in Ireland right now) so we went with our friends Rob and Emily over my school's mid-winter break. We had so much fun-Ireland has so much history. My favorite part was seeing all the old castles. We also loved going into the pubs to hear Irish music and see Irish step dancing! We were very lucky because it didn't rain at all while we were there (but it was still extremely cold).

Here are more pics from our trip
(sorry if there are repeat pics. And, all the good captions are written by Kev-the boring by me:).


Capital C said...

I am so jealous of your trip! And so happy to see it on the blog. :)

Katie Blacker said...

wow its so green & i love the pics it looks like you are frolicing among the castles. What a dream!

The Utterback Family said...

What an amazing trip! You guys are living the life!!!

Sarah and Nick said...

I'm so jealous ... that looks like so much fun! You guys are just having so much fun and always going somewhere ... no fair! :)