Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Girls Reunion part 2

Well, I decided that I needed a change for my blog, so I am going to try holiday themes for now:)

Last week was so awesome, because I got to have another reunion with my girls!

We all got together in Park City in July, but stars aligned and we were able to have an east coast reunion. First, Karli, Jennie, and Katie went to DC and surprised Callie. Then, they all endured the bus and came to visit me. I was so happy they came. They were such great sports, because Kevin and I had just moved into a new place and we still had boxes everywhere. And girls, sorry again about the cable guy-at least we have a funny memory! Here are some pics from our fun weekend:

We had such a good time. We walked through the park, saw the temple, ate lots of good food, and to top it all off, we were able to see Mary Poppins on Broadway! It was so much fun. Thanks girls for all your pictures (since I forgot where I packed my camera). I love you girls and am so happy you came. I miss you already!


Capital C said...

No Heather, thank you for letting us invade!! I loved the whole weekend, including the arrival of the cable guy. And I have been watching You've Got Mail, and it is definitely in the same neighborhood as your new apartment. I love it!!

Chris, Sarah, Madi, and Jax said...

How fun! And congrats on the baby boy! There are definitely fewer choices for boys, but I think dressing boys can be super fun! I love to make Jax look super cool :)

Katie Blacker said...

thanks again for letting us stay with you guys! I know it was quite an inconvenience, and not just for the cable guy ;)

so thank you thank you!

J. said...

You are the best hostess (and Kevin is a great Host). Thanks for letting us crash. It was SO much fun and so good to see you. We need to keep up the tradition of trips. ox

Sarah and Nick said...

how fun!!! And congrats on the little perfect! I'm sure Kevin is super excited!!! its' hard to stay away form baby sores once you have an official boy/girl! You guys are going have so much fun being parents!