Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Martha Stewart Show

A couple of months ago, I requested tickets to see the Martha Stewart show. I watch her show a lot now since I haven't been working. So, I finally got tickets to see today's show! It was so much fun. I went with my friend Marne. First, we had to check in, then Joey came in and got us all pumped up and excited. On the show, Martha made a brisket with Wyclef Jean, then we learned cute ways to plant our Christmas trees. After that, we saw some pets that were up for adoption (that was my favorite part-they would bark every time we clapped!). During commercials they play music so you can dance and get excited. I guess Martha loves hip hop music! Who would have thought:) At the end of the show Martha answered a few audience questions, and then we got some free stuff! We got Wyclef Jean's new cd and some new colored pencils. It was a blast. If you watch the show, look for me in the audience on December 8 on NBC!


Katie Blacker said...

that is hilarious! Whyclef eh? I am so jealous. Love it!

eliza said...

martha? so fun! So I think that I know your friend marne from freshmen year. Did she go to byu?