Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lion King

This week, Kevin's sister Tara came to visit us and we got to see the Lion King! (well, Tara and I did, Kevin didn't really care to see it) It was so amazing--all the animals were actually people. I couldn't believe how great the costumes were. You really start to forget that it is actually people controlling the costumes. I liked the actor who played Rafiki--it was actually a girl, but she was so funny:)

Later that day, we went to one of our favorite burger places--The Burger Joint. This is the restaurant that is behind a curtain in a hotel. It is a hole-in-the-wall kinda place (note all the writing on the walls) but so yummy.

Thanks for visiting Tara!!!


Danielle said...

We saw Lion King in Vegas last September, and it was definitely one of the better shows I've seen. The costumes were very impressive.

I wonder if Rafiki is always played by a woman because it was a woman in our show also.

Katie Blacker said...

Ooooo I am super jealous!!! I bet it was amazing!

Michelle said...

You have quite a belly there but it's so cute since you are all belly. I'll keep checking back since you should be having that baby soon!

Jenna said...

Lion King is a favorite!
Tyrel said I have to meet you because he thinks we would get along really well. :)
Best of luck with the impending baby - it's pretty amazing!