Sunday, April 25, 2010

The games we play

I just love being at home with Jacob. We have so much fun! Here are some of the things we play together:

His play mat

He loves this so much. He will stare at the dangling animals, hit them, laugh at them, and "talk" to them. It is so fun to watch, especially when his eyes get really big and he smiles at them.

Sleigh Ride

For this game, I got a piece of cardboard and put a blanket over it. Then I put him on top and pull him around on the rug. He doesn't know what to think of this game yet. He doesn't smile, but he doesn't protest either.

Tummy Time

This one is self explanatory. He used to hate it, but now he is starting to like it! We have been trying to get him to lift his head up, and now when he put this book in front of him, he does!


He loves this game...check out that drool! Luckily for me it wasn't spit-up.

I just love hanging out with this guy!

Oh, and Jacob has now taken control of the remote...j/k, Kevin would not be ok with that!

Here are my cute boys

And this is Kevin's classic pose--it always gets a laugh out of me!


Capital C said...

I love these pics. You are such a cute mom! And I talked to a girl last night who has a dog-walking business. I totally thought of you. :)

Michelle said...

What a fun Mommy you are! Both my boys had flat spots on their heads and with both, I had a specialist look at them because I'm crazy like that... both times the dr said it would be okay and it should correct itself. The dr was right and both my boys have nice round heads. The pillow is a good idea though.