Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Got any Cheese!!!

Kevin loves playing with his boy. The other day, he brought Jacob out into the living room with "Urkel" pants on! It was so funny.

He also put Jacob's hands in his pockets when he was sleeping:) I guess you had to be there, but it was so funny at the time!

Jacob has a flat spot on his head, because he always turns it to one side. We turn it back, but he constantly turns it the other way. So we got him this little pillow that goes around his head. It seems to be working. I hope so, otherwise he will have to see a physical therapist to help it:(

Lately Jacob hasn't been taking very good naps. He will wake up after about 20 minutes, so it has been hard to do anything lately. I guess I can't complain too much though, because he does sleep very well at night--about 7 hours! It's so awesome:)

The other day, he fell asleep on his boppy with his hand sticking straight up:

He is such a funny little guy!


eliza said...

so cute! Try turning which way you put him down. For example, one night put his head facing north, then the next, feet facing north. My mom says that the baby will always look to which way is more interesting, but he probably just has a preferences as well. Also, tummy time! 7 hours at night? I can barely remember 7 hours straight of sleep...

Katie Blacker said...

I meant to tell you that my niece had a major flat head and ended up wearing a helmut for a while. Her dad was worried but she looks like a model baby now. Im sure everything will be fine!