Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Little Man

Since we got back from California, Jacob has not been sleeping well at all. He wakes up in the middle of his naps, and isn't sleeping as long during the night as he was before the trip. So lately I have felt like a walking zombie! I think it might be something I am eating that is making him a little more fussy. But, at least he has still been happy most the time, which makes it a little easier on me. It's hard to get frustrated when you have a cute little smiley boy staring back at you!

Jacob has this little playmat that he loves to lay on. It has little animals dangling down, and he likes to talk to them. Sometimes his coos really sound like he is saying "hi!". His favorite animal on there is the giraffe with the dangling legs. He loves to hit it and put it's legs in his mouth. It's really funny to watch:)

Jacob is starting to look a little chunky! Doesn't he look like a little lumberjack here? Or maybe the Brawny paper towel guy:) He sometimes makes a face that reminds me so much of the baby on the show "Dinosaurs!" from back in the day. Kevin thinks I am crazy, but when he makes that face I just have to say "not the mama!". You can see a picture of the baby here and see if you agree:)

He sure has the pout face down!

The other day we had a really sunny day, so we took him for a stroll at stopped at the Lincoln Center fountain. It was so bright, I couldn't keep my eyes open! He could care less about the fountain:)


eliza said...

too cute. when I was nursing Lisa, I had to drink boiled water (you can wait until it cools) and it totally made all the difference. Also, if I ate anything with MSG, it made her scream like no other and no sleep. it's totally a guessing game. email me if you have more questions! I seriously feel like I've been through it all..

Katie Blacker said...

haha are you serious about the baby dinosaur comparison? i clicked on the picture link and started dying laughing. you are the best, hez. I miss you!

J. said...

You're killin me smalls!! I love his little t-shirt tie and lumberjack outfit. His roundness is darling! I'm sorry you're not sleeping well...one day soon:)

Jenna said...

Love the pout face.

Yeah, just when I think Carter is sleeping better he really isn't :) Teething is the most recent disruption. Good night will come and go and hopefully come again right?

Boren Family said...

The first picture is the cutest thing I've ever seen! He is adorable!