Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh Baby!

Check me out!

Jacob is such a great baby--he lets me dress him up and put accessories on him, and he doesn't mind. I love buying him hats, and just recently Kevin bought him these super cool sunglasses.

Here is Jacob on the 2 train, headed downtown (we were going to Babies R Us). It's so fun to watch him because he looks all around, and thinks everything is so fascinating. Oh to see the world through a baby's eyes:) We love taking him around in this carrier, because he always falls asleep in it. And it is funny to watch his legs dangle when we walk!

Such a cute little monkey!


eliza said...

what fun pictures! Seriously enjoy the time when you can dress up your little guy! Lisa is not even 2 yet, but has become quite opinionated about what to wear...

J. said...

So cute! What a stylin' baby. He looks like he loves the sunglasses:) I'm glad you guys are having so much fun.

Jordon and Terra said...

Hey Heather! This is Terra Weyand from the Astoria ward, I occassionally stalk you on your blog to check out your cute little guy! Hope you don't mind! :) He is so adorable and it sounds like you guys are enjoying him!

I was reading a few posts down about the flat spot on his head. How is that doing now? Hallie had a really badly flattened head and wore a helmet for a while. It was hard at first, but worked really well for her and was very worth it in the end. I am just wondering where you got the little pillow for his head? I am so paranoid now and am going to use everything I can with the next one to make sure it doesn't happen again! I hope the pillow works for him and takes care of the problem! :)