Friday, May 28, 2010

Play it again, Jacob!

About 2 weeks ago, Kevin decided that he wanted to get a little keyboard for Jacob (and I think he secretly wanted one too). So we got him this little one from Toy R Us, and he seems to like it! Kevin puts it in front of him, and Jacob will push the keys! He's not that bad actually:)

On a sad note, my grandmother passed away two weeks ago. It was a blessing for her, because she was not doing well, but sad for us. But it was nice visiting with my family. My mom was the only one who had seen Jacob, so it was fun for everyone to meet him. It was fun for him to meet all his cousins!

Kayden liked to entertain Jacob. She was so sweet-she was always concerned whenever Jacob would cry:)

Jacob loved his uncle Jeremy!

Of course we had to play Rock band-this is a must at Byron and Rachel's house (my brother and his wife).

We also got to go to my niece Aurora's birthday party. She had it at one of those bounce houses, and I think Kevin had more fun than the kids!

Holly and Kayden-check out that hair!

Jacob with his grandma

Jacob, why so serious?

Karli got to meet Jacob too!

He fell asleep right before we boarded the plane. He looks so cute with his mouth hanging open:)

Having fun with daddy in first class--yup, we got upgraded! I bet the other people weren't too happy when they saw us sit down with a baby.

Here is Jacob right before his "accident". He pooped his pants! He also got a little on Kevin too:) It was pretty difficult trying to clean him up in that little bathroom. I brought him back to our seat in only a diaper.


Katie Blacker said...

Hez, I am sorry to hear about your grandma. Hope you are doing okay. Looks like it was a good trip after all though. And so cool that Karli got to meet baby jacob!! T

eliza said...

Sorry to hear about your grandma, but I'm glad that you had a great time with family! hope you're doing well.