Sunday, May 30, 2010

A walk on the pier

It was such a nice day today, so Kevin and I took the little man out for a walk on the pier. We decided to put him in his carrier, facing forward. It was the first time we put him in facing this way and he loved it! He looked super cool with his glasses, and he got many compliments from passersby:)

Then when we got home we read some books. Jacob loves this one, because it has a mirror on every page, and he can see me making funny faces at him while looking at the book.

Kevin's idea of fun--diapers on Jacob's head! Kind of looks like a chef...or the Pope.

Our couch makes a lovely backdrop for pictures


Jenna said...

cute cute cute! He's getting so big

Katie Blacker said...

what a cutie pie. you can never have too many pictures of him. And make sure to take pictures of yourself during this time, you will love looking back and seeing what you were like as a young mother. Miss you tons and tons!

Holly Greco said...

What a little butter ball! He's already changed so much:) I miss him!