Thursday, September 23, 2010

New bed for Jacob

Jacob was getting too big for his crib. He slept in a travel pack n play (which is smaller than a regular pack n play) and this is how we would find him sleeping:

He likes to sleep with his butt sticking up now. But he still looks so squished. I felt so bad that he had to sleep like this (even though he probably didn't care) that we decided to get him a real crib.

Ta-da! Look at all the space he has! It takes up a huge chunk of space in our room, but I am happy that he has room to spread out if he wants. Although it is funny, because a lot of times he still wiggles up to the top and looks squished. I guess he liked sleeping like that!

We also had some more guests stay with us last week. Kevin's cousin Jenna and her husband Grant (who just happens to be one of Kevin's best friends) stayed with us for a few days and we had so much fun. Jacob just loved them!

We were out all day almost everyday, and Jacob was such a trooper. He got a little fussy towards the end of the day, but for the most part he was awesome.


Here we are at Ground Zero, looking at the construction crews working on the new Freedom Tower. Where the towers used to be, they are making waterfalls, and behind the water will be the names of all the victims.

This statue was in front of the World Trade Center, and was damaged during the attack. It is now in Battery Park as a memorial, with an eternal flame. It is very humbling to walk around the area and think about that day 9 years ago. Every year on September 11, there is a big ceremony here and people read the names of all the victims.

Kevin shows Jacob the Empire State Building. I think he hopes Jacob will share his love of tall buildings one day:)

Daddy is so much fun!

Look at that face! He seriously looks like an old man here. You can't tell in this picture, but Jacob had so much fun with Grant--he really knew how to get him laughing!

Grant's sister Jenny lives in Pennsylvania, so she and her family came down for a day to visit while Grant and Jenna were here. She has a little girl who is just a month younger than Jacob. She was so adorable, but Jacob kept making her cry! He would babble and it would really scare her. Oh Jacob, already making the girls cry!

We also went to a burger place called POP Burger. They have really good burgers, fries, and onion rings. I think it is called POP burger because it shows pop culture--It is very modern, has pop music playing in the background, and pop art on the walls. It is also visited by many celebrities, and at night turns into a night club.

Here is Jacob enjoying his spinach and peas--sorry bud, no burgers for you yet!

Thanks for visiting Grant and Jenna!

Jacob and I have been having lots of fun lately. Besides all the fun we have been having with visitors, we have also been having fun with friends in the ward. He especially loves a little boy named Kenny, who is just a month older than him. He gets a smile on his face when he sees him.

Last week, we got together with some moms in the ward and went on the Staten Island Ferry. The girls in my ward are so great! They are always planning little get-togethers around the city, and we also have a great playgroup almost every week. It has been so much fun! We hope to do more tourist-y things this year.

Jacob liked the ferry--it was fun for him to watch the water go by. Jacob has now been on so many forms of transportation--subway, bus, car, taxi, stroller, airplane, and now a ferry. Now he just needs to board a train and he will have covered almost everything!

And, here is a fun video of Jacob cracking up. When Kevin came home from work one night, he took off his sock and threw them in Jacob's face. I was like "Kevin, that is so gross!" but Jacob loved it!


Sarah said...

How cute is your little family? Jacob is just adorable ...and it cracks me up that you included stroller as one of his transportation types! :)

can I just say, you are the cutest little momma?! Glad you guys are having tons of fun!

Holly Greco said...

Heather! I miss him! That video is so cute! He's getting so much more aware:) Can't wait to see him again...he will be so much fun! Miss ya!

Katie Blacker said...

that laugh is to die for. oh my goodness. I just can't believe I haven't met him yet! I miss you guys!

Jennie said...

I can't believe how big your little man is getting! I also like to see you cute face in the pics. I miss it! Glad to see you're having fun. Loves.

eliza said...

Looks like you're having such a great time in NYC! We would still love to come and visit one of these days... but with this new baby coming in a month, it may be a while still. Perhaps you'll still be there then?