Thursday, September 9, 2010

Columbus/Colonial Williamsburg

The past two weeks have been very busy for me and the little guy! First, we traveled to Columbus to see my sister and her family, and to celebrate my niece's 2nd birthday. My mom also flew in from Vegas, and we had tons of fun.

I discovered that Jacob likes to ride in shopping carts. He has never done this in NYC, and he thought it was so fun!

Jacob loves his grandma Rosie:)

Johnny's family had all kinds of fun toys for Jacob to play with! This one is a walker/race car with a horn that really honks. Jacob got a big kick out of that!

And this was his favorite....a radio flyer rocking horse! He had so much fun with this one.

My sister has become quite the little party planner. She threw her daughter Kayden a Yo gabba gabba party, and it was awesome! Here she set up a little Italian soda station, and each flavor was a character from the show. My favorite was the blue one (I don't remember his name, or is it a her?)

Check out the boom box pinata!

And Johnny even dressed up as DJ Lance! (sorry Johnny, I had to post this one).

And this is the awesome cake my sister made. The inside was tie-dye, it was so cool.

Happy Birthday Kayden!


Jacob also loves his Auntie Holly:)

After the party, we had a few days to visit some fun places. My favorite was the Columbus Zoo. They had an awesome aquarium that Jacob really enjoyed.

Sitting in a high chair! My boy is getting so big so fast.

More fun with the rocking horse. Check out those legs, baby!

We had such a fun visit! Thanks Greco family! We can't wait to come for Thanksgiving:)

After Jacob and I arrived home, we had one day to rest and then it was off to Philly to visit our friends Rob and Emily! We took the Bolt Bus there, which Jacob really liked. But once we got into a car, he wasn't too keen on riding in a car seat. He is hardly ever in one here, so I guess he is just not used to it. But here is a time when he was happy in the car:)

We drove with Rob & Emily to Gettysburg the first day, to visit the famous battlefield. Here we are in the cyclerama, which is a huge panoramic painting. they flash lights and make loud noises to tell a story of the battles. It was really neat.

Had to get a pic with Abe! It was so bright, even he is wearing sunglasses.

What's this do?

Emily practices feeding Jacob in preparation for her little guy due in November! She was a pro at it. This is at Red Robin, which we discovered that Jacob loves--there is so much for him to look at there, and he gets a balloon.

The next day, we drove down to Colonial Williamsburg and hit Jamestown the first day. It was very pretty, and fascinating. They had so many artifacts from the colonists, and they even had real skeletons. It was creepy but very interesting. I really enjoyed looking out at the water--it was very peaceful.

next stop was Colonial Williamsburg. I loved this place. I love history, and here they have actors playing the roles of colonists, and you get to pretend you are in the midst of the revolution! Jacob was afraid of all the shouting for freedom.

My two handsome boys

Jacob really liked this horse. Every time it would turn towards him he would giggle.

Colonial high chairs--so cute!

That night we got a great deal on a nice hotel. We sat Jacob down on the bed, and he started hamming it up for the camera!

The hotel accidentally charged us for an item from the mini bar, so when we told them about it, they felt so bad they bought us all breakfast! Talk about service!

Jacob was so tired at breakfast. He fell asleep in my arms, and then we decided to put him on the floor by our feet. He slept like a champ! It was so luxurious for us to eat without holding a baby who is grabbing at everything on the table. Here he is sleeping on the floor.

And here is a video having fun in the hotel room:)


Holly Greco said...

OMG that video is so figgin cute! He is a little Hamm isn't he! Can't wait to see him again at Thanksgiving!

Sarah said...

How fun! I bet getting out of the city and visiting some fun places was a lot of fun for you guys! If you're ever in Toledo, please stop by!