Sunday, November 14, 2010

Strike a Pose

The other day I got a sample in the mail of these Huggies diapers that look like jeans (who comes up with this stuff?). Anywho, I put it on Jacob yesterday and thought it was so funny. So I had him model them for me. He gave me some great shots.

Check out that hand on the hip--he's workin' it!

Aren't they hilarious?

Also, today, for the first time, Jacob stood up by himself! He was playing with this basketball hoop, and started off with just one hand for balance...

And then, he let go! He held it for about 8 seconds, and he was crying through it (I guess his new ability scared him). I am not ready for my little boy to grow up--he is going to be walking before we know it!

And here is a video we got when he first let go real quick--sorry, it's kinda long, but the part where he lets go is in the beginning so you don't have to watch it all:)

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Danielle said...

I have some of those jeans diapers too! Those were actually advertised on the Ellen show that I went to, and the diaper coupons I have are for Huggies. I'd been wanting to pick up a pack of the jeans kind but I never saw them at the store.

Finally, recently, I saw them at CVS so I got some. The smallest they had was size 3, though, so Miles can't wear them yet... I'll have to post a picture of him in them when he gets big enough.