Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rough week

This has been a long week for me. Jacob has been having trouble sleeping (naps and at night) so he will wake up randomly and start crying. And, he is teething so that doesn't help. Also, he has been throwing a mini fit at mealtime. I think he is getting frustrated because he wants to put everything in his mouth by himself, not have me feed him. So, I decided to give him more finger foods, and he is doing much better! And he went to bed great tonight, so I hope he is starting to feel better (cross your fingers).

Having this hard week has really helped me to appreciate what a good baby he usually is. I am happy that he loves other people (even strangers on the elevator) and is friendly to the other babies he sees at the library or park. He is a lot of fun.

And I now have to watch him like a hawk--he is starting to get into everything, and put everything in his mouth! Is it bad that I let him eat food off the ground from his previous meal? Right after I snapped this pic of him in the park, he stuck an acorn in his mouth. I didn't even notice. Then I looked at his face and saw tons of drool coming out, and that's when I discovered the acorn he was sucking on. How did he get it in his mouth so fast? It scared me a little cause he could have choked on it!

Jacob has also started to like watching me fill up his bathtub. He stands at the side and watches it fill up-he thinks it is pretty cool.

(please excuse the bathtub stains--I promise it is clean!)


Shanda said...

Those rough days are so hard! You are so good to remember to be grateful for the good days. Jacob is such a cutie! I can't believe how fast these little boys grow.

Sarah said...

cute cute! I love that picture from the park. :) Some days are better than others for moms ... but the good days are more frequent that the bad ones, so that's the good part. Hope he starts sleeping better, those phases are always the worst!

Ty and Whit said...

Heather, he is too cute!! I can't believe how much he has grown. Very very handsome! Miss you guys!

Jenna said...

very cute! Getting so big! Carter gave me grief with eating off and on for months - and still will occasionally. It's like a power struggle and/or disinterest other times. drove me bonkers when he wasn't eating enough. I hear ya!