Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fun with my girls

Before Christmas, my best friends/former college roomies and I all got together for a little reunion in Salt Lake City. We had such an amazing time. It is so awesome how we can not see each other for a while, and then get together and act as though no time has passed! It was like we were back at BYU again (although with a baby) and we stayed up late talking just like old times. We had such a blast.

First, My friend Katie took some photos of J. She takes awesome photos (and J was a great model too!)

They turned out so cute! You can see more here.

And we of course had to hit up Red Robin (I was a waitress here during my college days).

And we also had this AMAZING dark chocolate hot cocoa from Hatch's. You may have seen this place on the TLC show Little Chocolatiers. Their chocolates are also amazing.

After drinking our amazing hot chocolate, we decided to head to the Little America hotel to hang out until it got dark (so we could see the lights at Temple Square). They have amazing bathrooms there with spacious lounges. We seriously hung out there for about an hour!

Our serious faces

Our "I can't believe we are taking pictures in a bathroom" faces

Jacob was loving all the attention from the ladies:)

The lobby in the hotel was so gorgeous.

Afterward, we went to Temple Square to see the lights, and as always it was so amazing. Jacob was in awe of all the lights.

I am so grateful for my amazing friends!

(photo by Katie)


eliza said...

super fun! We're sad we just missed you in utah, but maybe next time. Have a safe trip back!

J said...

Oh that was such a GRAND weekend. I loved every second. Thanks for putting up all these great pics. Give Jacob a squeeze. xox

Katie Blacker said...