Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas in Las Vegas

This year, we spent Christmas with my family in Las Vegas. We had lots of fun (except for the fact that my sister and her little family couldn't come--I was really bummed about that:(

But first, I have to give a shout out to my friend Karli. She drove us from SLC to Vegas, with constant weather. For the first half of the trip, it snowed a ton, and the last half it rained a ton. There was never a break. Karli, you were an amazing driver--thanks for getting us there!

I got there a few days before Kevin (he had to work) and the first thing my niece said to me when she saw me was "where's uncle Kevin?"

She just loves Kevin. It is so cute. The day he arrived, she was so excited because she finally got to see him:) She was so happy! J and I were really happy to see him too:)

When I first arrived in Vegas, I was worried that J would be afraid to be around so many people. Boy was I wrong! He was right at home, happy as a clam seeing everyone. He was having a blast! Here he is with my brother Jeremy (He really liked his Uncle Jeremy).

My niece A was such a good little helper. She loved feeding Jacob (and I sure loved the break!). She was really good at it too:)

More Uncle Jeremy time!

On Wednesday, I got this cool gingerbread house kit for the girls to work on. I set up the house; they worked their magic on the decorations.

And here is the finished product!

Kevin is such a fun uncle:) No wonder A loves him so much!

On Christmas, J wasn't that interested in the presents--he mainly wanted to get the ornaments off the tree and chase the cat! But we got him to at least look at the presents and the ribbons.

And, we discovered that a turkey dinner is J's favorite meal! He must get that from me:) He loved everything, but especially the potatoes.

Getting attention from Uncle Byron

Here is a pic of J checking out the view from our hotel (yes this scared me a little).

A goodbye dinner at Olive Garden

We were scheduled to leave on Monday morning, but the hugest blizzard hit NYC the day before. So our flight was canceled. In fact, JFK was closed, LaGuardia was closed, and Newark was closed. The earliest flight we could get was a Wednesday evening flight.

So, we decided to take advantage of the extra time and go bowling! Vegas is such a bowling town--there are so many places to bowl, and it isn't too expensive (compared to NYC). It was a lot of fun.

Even J was excited about it.


And of course, we can't go bowling without posing for a few jumping pictures!

Simultaneous kicks from Jeremy and me.

It looks like he is so high!

Cousins playing together:)

Kevin informed me that I have bad bowling form. He said I put my weight on the wrong leg. But this is what comes natural for me! And I did get two strikes in a row, so it can't be all bad:)

Here is how the pros do it:



And for your viewing pleasure, here is a video of Kevin playing XBox. Byron and Rachel have that cool XBox Kinect dance game where your body is the controller, and it was such a blast. Here is Kevin attempting it for the first time:)

I am so grateful for family and the holidays:)


Jenna said...

there's nothing better than getting to watch your family enjoy & love your child!

Michelle said...

Those are great pictures! Glad you guys could come out. It was nice seeing you two and cute baby Jacob.

Marne said...

So fun! That looks like the perfect Christmas! Fun, food, family, games etc. Love the pictures too.