Wednesday, December 1, 2010


This year, Thanksgiving was full of ups and downs. The upside--We had a great time visiting with our family!

The downside--Kevin was sick the whole time, and Jacob decided he didn't want to sleep.

Since my last post, Jacob continued to have trouble sleeping (although his eating has improved drastically). He has been taking really short naps, and waking up a couple of times in the night, and staying up. He did that the whole time we were in Ohio. I was averaging about 4 hours sleep. It was particularly rough on Kevin, who was sick. It was really hard for me to have a sick hubby, and a baby who wasn't sleeping well. Luckily Jacob was still happy in the day, and I had lots of family there to help! (Thanks Holly for whisking me away to go shopping when I needed it:)

The night we got back, we decided to let Jacob cry it out (we didn't want to do this in Ohio and give everyone else a terrible night) and he cried for 15 minutes and went to sleep. And slept the whole night! Woohoo! And he has been doing it since, and taking better naps. I think he just forgot how to put himself to sleep. Anywho, I am grateful that he is starting to sleep better. I really do appreciate a good night's sleep.

And, yesterday Kevin started feeling better! I am so happy. I hate when he is sick--he doesn't like to talk when he is sick, so I never know if I am making him feel better or not. But last night he was joking around and being his funny self again and I am so happy to have him back:)

Despite all this, I really had a good time with my family. I have so much to be grateful for this year.

These guys especially:

I love them so much--they both always make me laugh (I think Jacob is going to be a lot like his daddy:). Kevin is such a good guy, he is very generous and always does things to make me happy. Jacob has been a great sleeper (except for the last month, but other than that, great) and he is always so happy. I am a lucky girl with my two boys!

I also am really grateful we got to spend Thanksgiving in Ohio again this year. It was really fun because Jeremy was with us this year, and my dad and Pam finally got to meet Jacob. We all had such a good time (except for poor Kevin who was sick as a dog).

My sister is such a great mom. She adores K and they have so much fun together. It was fun to see K play dress up and have tea parties--My sister loves that she is a girly-girl:) But, she also loves Buzz Lightyear which is so cute. K always takes a couple of days to warm up to people she hasn't seen in a while, so I was so excited when we were at the store and she asked to hold my hand! So sweet:)

Jacob really liked his Papa Scott and grandma Pam. They got him this cute farmer's outfit, so he can be just like grandpa!

They also got him this cool bus, which was a hit with all the kids. Jacob loves to ride it--it is amazing how good he is at balancing on it!

We were also amazed at what a social butterfly Jacob was. We went to johnny's sister's house for Thanksgiving dinner, and there were lots of people there Jacob has never met. When we were all sitting in the living room, he crawled up to everyone wanting their attention! He is such a ham.

He also loved eating the feast. His favorites were the yams with marshmallows,

and the whipped cream from papa's pie!

Cousins playing together. How sweet:)

"I want to ride a tractor someday papa!"

Snuggle time

Family photos

It would have been awesome to have my mom, my brother and his wife, and their two kids there--then we would have been complete! Oh well, one of these Thanksgivings it will happen:)

After getting home and settling in I was excited to take Jacob to Winter's Eve--it is a street fair near our apartment that is a lot of fun. I started at the Time Warner building, which I love at Christmas time. I went into Williams Sonoma and got free hot chocolate and peppermint bark--yum. Jacob and I saw lots of street performers, including a guy on stilts and other fun things. I wish Kevin could have come with us, but he still wasn't feeling well.

This guy carved this nutcracker out of ice with a chainsaw!

Jacob watches the street performers.

I got this cool elf hat from TD bank. I am hoping to rig it so Jacob can wear it:)

Such a cute little elf!

And for fun, here is our Christmas tree. It may be small, but I love it. I have realized over the past few years that I really love Christmas trees. If I lived in a place that was bigger than 600 sq ft, I would probably put lots of them up around the house. We have a really pretty tree in our lobby that I love. Everytime I pass it I stop to let Jacob look at it (well, actually it is so I can stare at it but people will think I am doing it for him).

Fall in New York is awesome, but Christmas is even better!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving:)

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