Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Love TJ's

I love Trader Joes. Ever since it came to the Upper West Side, life has been a little easier. Luxurious aisles to fit your stroller down, great food at great prices, and a staff that actually knows what "customer service" means. Just the other day I asked a worker if they had any more mango chunks, and instead of just saying "no" without even looking at me, the worker said "let me go check!" with a smile. It is awesome. All of the workers are so friendly, which isn't the case in most NYC stores. Jacob loves going there too--all the workers talk to him and tell him he is cute, and they give him stickers!

Here he is playing with his stickers on the way home:)

We all really love the food from Trader Joe's, especially Jacob. He makes this funny face every time he is eating something he really likes.

I am so grateful for Trader Joe's!


J said...

I want a Trader Joes near me and a Jacob.

I can't believe how fast he is changing - even from his visit a month ago!

Jenna said...

never been to one. would like to go.

love jacob's faces!

Michelle said...

I wish I had a Trader Joes within walking distance. How nice!

The pictures in the snow are so cute. My kids LOVED Gymboree too!