Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Growing up

Jacob is 11 months old today. That means only one more month until he is 1--crazy!!! The time is going so fast; I wish I could slow it down! Just since Christmas, he seems to have grown up a lot. I think he is understanding a lot of what we say now, and he even says four words of his own: "mama", "dada", "uh-oh", and "hot" (probably because I am always saying "hot!" when he gets near the oven). He has also started initiating peek-a-boo games. After his bath, he pulls his towel over his eyes, waits a few seconds, then pulls it away with a huge smile. It is very cute, and has become a nightly routine:) Another funny thing he does is growling, or when he sees someone he says "raaah!" like he is trying to scare them (Kevin does this to him all the time). He has been super fun the past few weeks:) Oh, and he is getting four teeth on top, all at the same time! (that hasn't been especially fun, but everything else has).

He also loves looking through the newspaper (he prefers the business section):

And he really likes books. If I put a pile of books and a pile of toys on the floor, he will go to the books a lot of the time. It is so cute to catch him turning the pages, "reading" the books:) As a former teacher, this makes me so proud!

We also took him out to play in the snow for the first time. I think Kevin and I were more excited about it than he was. I guess he didn't like my snow angel.

He started to like it a little better towards the end, when he wasn't sitting in it.

Oh, my brother got him this super cute hat for Christmas, and here he is showing it off:)

Back in August, Groupon and doodledeals had some great deals on classes. I bought one for Gymboree and one for Music for Aardvarks, and they both started this month. He loves the Gymboree class! Here he is getting bubbles blown in his face:)

He gets a little scared at the music class, when they pull out the shakers. It scares him everytime. But, at the end of class, the teacher lays down his guitar for the kids to touch, and Jacob crawls super fast to get there first! He loves that part.

I got this app for my phone that takes vintage looking pictures. It's kinda fun:)

My little boy is growing up so fast!


Sarah said...

Isn't it crazy how fast they grow up? It's unbelievable! But, the next stage is so much fun ... so don't worry!

HOw fun with the gymboree classes, you are such a fun momma!

Jenna said...

gotta love silly hats on kids! we do.

I LOVE this age one - and I'm sure he does understand a lot of what you say. So fun huh?