Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Funny boy

Jacob has the funniest personality. He gets it from Kevin (few people know the extremely funny side of Kevin, because he can be be a little shy until he really gets to know you. But trust me, he is hilarious! I laugh with him and at him everyday:). I am happy that Jacob inherited this trait from Kevin. Jacob makes me laugh everyday too. I love taking him on the subway, because he always makes friends with people and smiles at them. The other day he was holding hands with the guy sitting next to him.

He also loves to say "momma" over and over, and pat my chest. He is patting my chest in this picture.

He loves his daddy too:)

Jacob is also starting to like dogs. He knows how to say "dog" (he says "dah"), and he says it when he sees dogs pass us by. And he likes to visit Biscuits & Bath (the local doggy daycare) and watch the dogs play.


He is also very friendly to the workers at Trader Joes. He says hi to the shoppers passing by, and the workers as they are stocking the groceries. No one can resist his charm:)


His favorite activity while grocery shopping is eating his socks.

I love when he sleeps in these funny positions:)

My two funny, cute boys:)

Jacob is also taking a liking to parks now. We've gone a few times even in the cold, but I think he will have even more fun when it warms up. He really wants to climb up the slide.

Sunday best. I love getting him dressed up for church. But sadly, he will not wear hats for me anymore. He thinks it is so funny to take them off, and either put them on my head or try to put them on himself, but he won't keep them on:( I was able to get at least one pic though.

As for my kitchen, I cannot keep it clean anymore. Between him spilling food on the floor and pulling everything out of the cupboards, I cannot keep up. Luckily, it is a pretty small kitchen, so he can't make too big of a mess, right?

I decided to make this little water bucket for Jacob to play in, since we are getting a little bored being inside all the time. He got water everywhere, but had a blast!

This new phase he is in is really fun!


eliza said...

so cute! So you're saying that I should enjoy this hat stage for as long as I can? Actually, Zac has started to grab and will grab for his hat, so maybe this is the end of hats. Hope you're having fun in NYC! miss you!

Jennie La said...

LOVE them all!!

stephanie and sean said...

reading about jacob makes me SO excited about all the things sean and i have to look forward to! i love jacob's sweet personality. hip hip for little boys!!!!