Friday, March 4, 2011

Getting into everything

Jacob has become busy. And I mean really busy. He is constantly moving, and it makes me miss the days when I could just sit him on a blanket with a toy and he would just play with it. But he is not into that anymore. He would rather get the remote. Or the toilet paper. Or any other thing he is not supposed to have! I can no longer be on the computer when he is awake. If I try, he sneaks under my feet and pushes the "off" button, which causes the computer to shutdown. Why did the computer manufacturer have to make the off button light up and be so appealing?

I have been taking Jacob to a music class for the past five weeks, and he seems to enjoy it. Although the past two times he wouldn't sit still. There is a little boy in his class who brings a Woody doll, and when Jacob sees him walk in with it he makes a bee line for him. Luckily the little boy is nice and humors him. And it keeps him still for a few moments.

He thinks he is so handsome (I agree).


He still really loves the swings at the park. I am excited for the weather to warm up so we can go to the park everyday:)

This is his new favorite thing to do--shut himself in the bathroom. Even if it is dark, he will shut himself him. And when he sees me coming for him, he shuts it even faster. He likes to unravel the toilet paper, as you can see in the picture. It is times like these that make me grateful I live in such a small space--there is only so much he can get into here!

This is one of my favorite things he does. Every time he sits in the high chair, he crosses his feet. Every time. I think it is so cute.

He looks like such a big boy here! He also likes to rock in the rocking chair, and this time he invited a couple of friends.

And here are a couple of videos. The first one is of him shaking his head "no". He gets really into that. The second one is of him taking a couple of steps (both are short).

I just love this little man.


Shanda said...

Wow! He is going to be walking in no time! Liam is still not there yet (we need to work with him more). I think it is so funny that Jacob locks himself in the bathroom! Liam like the bathroom too, but not if it is dark, and not alone. Oh yeah and he found my computer's power button, too, last night, sheesh!

Jennie La said...

his feet crossing is so cute!!