Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sockerbit and other such fun

A couple weekends ago, Kevin and I took Jacob out to explore a new neighborhood. We decided to visit Greenwich Village, since we don't get down there too often. While walking along Christopher street, we happened upon this cute little candy store!

It is a Swedish candy store. All of the candy comes from Sweden. Some of it is the same candy we have here in the US, but most of it is different. The labels are all in Swedish too (with an English translation underneath). At $12.99 a pound, we went in thinking "ok, we will just pick out a few pieces". But there were so many fun things to try! (we only spent $6 for the record, which is still steep for candy).

The chocolate covered bananas were my favorite! And so were these gummy raspberry hearts:)

After getting our candy, we walked along the Highline. It is an old elevated railroad track that they turned into a park.

It was so bright! We couldn't keep our eyes open.

Next, we made a stop at the Chelsea market. We went into an Italian market, and they had this HUGE jar of Nutella! It cost $65 in case you were interested.

The inside looks really cool and old.

Later that day, we went to Union Square, and witnessed this huge pillow fight! I think they were trying to break a record or something, because it was all organized with police and everything. It is kinda hard to see in my picture.

It was a great weekend!

Oh, and on April Fool's Day, I made this meal for Kevin. I said "we are having cupcakes for dinner!".

It is really a meatloaf muffin, with mashed potatoes on top. And the drink is jello, which I thought he would try to drink and then I would laugh because nothing would come out. But he didn't fall for any of my tricks!

Last weekend, our good friends Rob and Emily came to visit from Philly. We finally got to meet their cute baby boy! He is such a cutie, and Jacob had a lot of fun with him. He kept saying "baby".

See, isn't he cute!

It was a great day, so we went to Shake Shack, and then to Central Park.

Jacob has become quite attached to Kevin lately. The weekends are great for him, because Kevin is home all day and he gets to play! On Monday, Jacob got really upset and kept saying "dada". I think he really missed him:(

Oh, and Jacob is walking like crazy now!

He used to hate when I put these glasses on him, but we kept saying "cool dude!" and then he let us keep them on him.

It was so fun to visit with you Rob and Emily and Bobby!!


Sarah said...

So jealous of all the fun you guys can have right outside your door and around the city. Always something new and fun! The candy store looks like so much fun, I love little finds like that.

stephanie and sean said...

i really really love reading about all of your adventures and creative ideas! i feel inspired to get out and about more often :) i'm totally trying that april fool's dinner next year!!! i mean, jello in a glass!? brilliant!

Michelle said...

You live in such a fun place! I love when babies start to walk... it's the cutest thing ever.