Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter

Easter was a great day. We started it by giving Jacob his Easter bucket (well, I thought it would be more useful that a basket--he could take the bucket to the park!). He got a couple books cause he still loves them a lot, and cute little chick that squeaks, and some super cool shades:)

He will keep the sunglasses on if I continually say "oh, you look so handsome in your sunglasses!" (the same goes for hats).

Later we went to church and heard some amazing musical numbers (our ward has some serious talent) and Jacob actually took a nap at church! It was great. Lately church has been so hard with Jacob, because all he wants to do is walk around. So I am grateful when he will take a nap and then I can actually go to class instead of roaming the halls (although it is fun running into friends and chatting).

After church, we went to our friends house for easter dinner. And I must say, she and her husband made the most AMAZING food! (*Photo by Marne).

Hope you had a great Easter too:)

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