Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mother's day and the latest happenings

It seems like I have been really busy lately, but when I look back, I can't think of what I have done! I guess it feels busy because we are getting outside more. Jacob and I go to the park just about everyday now. And this is one of his favorite things to do--chase pigeons.

A couple weekends ago, we had some great weather, so we took Jacob out for a day on the town. We walked through Central park, and went on the Carousel (he didn't seem to like it too much, but didn't hate it either).

Then we went to FAO Schwartz for storytime. While there, we went to the barbie section, and they have this cool working catwalk for barbies. Jacob loved that:) They also had this cool barbie foosball table, which you can buy for $25,000.

He loves storytime at Barefoot books.

And the muppet section is pretty fun too:)

Later that week we had a little picnic in the park. We really loves those subs from Dominos, so we picked up a couple of those and headed to Riverside park when Kevin got home from work.

We were really surprised when Jacob just reached for the bag of chips and started eating them, like he has them all the time! It was so funny.

He is so in love with his daddy.

This is what Jacob does during the week when Kevin is at work. He looks at this picture of him, and kisses it. Sometimes he carries it around with him.

And this is how he sleeps lately:)

On another nice day this month, Jacob and I went with some friends to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. It was so beautiful, the weather and the gardens. Here is Jacob making one of his funny faces.

Mother's Day

I had a great mother's day this year. Kevin made me his awesome crepes, with bananas and Nutella, and Jacob was as cute as ever. He even sweeps for me! He loved playing with the broom, so I got him his own and now he loves to "weep" all the time. It will be nice when he actually cleans up while doing it:)

And, Kevin got me a sewing machine!! I've been wanting one for so long and I am so excited. My first project is to make a quiet book for Jacob, and then, the sky's the limit! Well, first I have to learn the basics, but I am excited to learn:) He also got me the robostir, which I have been wanting (I am an infomercial junkie). But, later discovered that either it is a terrible product, or else I got a faulty one. Oh well.

Here is Kevin making his delicious crepes. Thanks for a great Mother's day babe!

And for fun: Kevin went to LA for work a few weeks ago, and on his flight back to NYC, he saw Mario Lopez! I told him he had to snap a pic for me. He hasn't aged a bit!

Here is a video of Jacob in the tub. He has recently become obsessed with Elmo, because of this book that I am reading to him. He has me read it to him a few times during the bath, so now he has some of it memorized:)


Shanda said...

Your Jacob is ADORABLE!! I love the video of him reading the Elmo book and the picture of him gazing at the photo of his daddy is too precious.

stephanie and sean said...

Sean and I about died when we saw Jacob holding that picture of Kevin. He is SUCH an adorable boy! We just love his little face :)

Jenna said...

what a cute boy & what fun things you have to do all together!