Monday, October 31, 2011

Life in California

Jacob definitely needs a haircut

We are finally getting settled in here in our new apartment in Walnut Creek.  So far we really like it here.  I'm not going to lie, we had a rough start upon arriving here.  It was very stressful trying to find an apartment, a new car, an office for Kevin, and buying all new furniture (not to mention it was stressful spending all that money!).  I thought that stuff would be fun to do, but Jacob was in rare form during this time.  He was not a happy camper, and he would have meltdowns on every shopping tip.  I also think he

was getting some new teeth, so that didn't help.  So there were just a lot of stressful things going on.  But luckily, we were close to Kevin's family, and they helped us out a ton.  Kevin's sister Tara took Jacob for the day so we could go car shopping, so that was a huge help to us!  He loves his aunt Tara too:)  They went to uncle Justin and Aunt Christina's house and Jacob rode a horse!
Jacob also needs new clothes--he's busting out of these!

Here is Jacob mooching off  of everyone's ice cream

We were also there for the monthly family birthday dinner.  It was so fun to watch Jacob with all his cousins.  He loves being around kids.
Kevin becomes a big kid when he gets around all the kids.  They tried to fit as many kids as they could on this little car.

I promise I change Jacob's diapers and get him dressed each day!  He was having so much fun that I didn't have the heart to take him inside to get him dressed.
Oh, and he is really into showing his crack lately.

Now that we live in California we are also closer to our friends Jon and Julie.  They came over to visit one day and we played the sports game on kinect.  Jacob wanted to be part of the action too.

And, Jacob finally got his first haircut!  As you can see from the first picture in this post, his hair was getting a little funky.  So Kevin's cousin Jenna cut his hair for him, and she did an amazing job.  Now he looks like a cute little boy!

Jacob and I have been trying to stay busy, finding fun things to do in Walnut creek.  Our new ward has a playgroup that meets every Wednesday, and last Wednesday we all met at a cute little pumpkin farm.  It was perfect for a little guy like Jacob.  His favorite things were the playhouse, the hay tunnel, and the chickens.

He thought these chickens were so funny

Jacob got to pick out his own little baby pumpkin.  He loved it so much he wanted
to take a nap with it.

This is Jacob's new excited face
Jacob loves playing with the trains at Barnes & Noble


A few weeks ago we went to Kevin's cousin's wedding reception.  They played a lot of music for dancing, and Jacob would not leave the dance floor!  He was loving it even though it was way past his bedtime.   
Jacob and I have been unpacking and he loves to get into the boxes.  He found a box with Halloween costumes in it, and decided to put this "pimp daddy" necklace on.

Jacob's new favorite thing is snuggling with as many stuffed animals and blankets as he can hold.  His favorites are his froggy and doggy,  but sometimes he holds two blankets and 4-5 animals!
Another new favorite of Jacob's:  a show called Little Bear.  It's on Nick Jr. on demand, and he loves to watch the same episode over and over (one about caterpillars).  I love on demand because I can time it just right--he watches it while I am making dinner.
Here are the ducks that live in the pond in our apartment complex.  We live really close to a huge park area where a bunch of ducks and geese live, and they wander over here everyday.  Jacob thinks the ducks are hilarious when they bite each other and chase each other.  The geese are a little scary though--they are huge and will walk right up to you!

We also found this great ice cream place in downtown Walnut Creek called The Olde San Francisco Creamery.  If you watch man vs. food, this is the place where he ate the giant sundae called "The Kitchen Sink".  We bought a regular sized sundae, and to our surprise it was huge!
People in California are so nice.  Everywhere we go people seem to give stuff to Jacob.  At the post office an old man gave him a book, and at the grocery store the checker gave him a lollipop.  It was his first one ever, but after showing him what to do he was loving it.
There are also lots of parks nearby, and one that we can walk to.  We come here often and Jacob loves this climbing wall.  He doesn't climb up it but he loves hiding in this little nook.

Jacob is also discovery the fun of being in a shopping cart!  At first he hated them, but now he enjoys them.  He especially loved this one at Kohl's because he was lower to the ground and in the front.
Here is a video of Jacob harassing the chickens at the pumpkin farm:)

So far, life in California is great!


Katie Blacker said...

I was JUST thinking about you and wondering how you are liking CA. This post was so much fun to read. I just love little man Jacob.

Holly Greco said...

I LOVE this post! I didn't want the pictures to end...he is so big heather! I wish i could see him more often:( Cali seems great for you guys glad you are settling in:)

Wiseguys said...

I've been wondering how the move was going. The idea of moving/buying a car/buying furniture stresses me out. The idea of doing it all at once, while pregnant? Man I'd go crazy! I hope things are going well and calming down for you!