Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween and a special outing

San Francisco

Eating a banana while waiting for BART
Last Friday Jacob and I went on a very special outing to San Francisco to meet up with our friends Jane and Kenny.  We were good friends with them in NYC (J&K are only a  month apart) and lucky for us they moved to the bay area the same time as us!  So we decided to meet at Fisherman's wharf and spend the morning together.  We weren't sure if the boys would remember each other, but they definitely did.  They smiled when they saw each other and picked up right where they left off:)
Checking out all the boats


K brought his cool trucks and dinosaurs and was so nice to share with Jacob:)
For lunch, we headed to the rainforest cafe, which the kids loved.  Jacob especially loved the giant fish tanks.  It was so much fun seeing our friends and we hope to be able to do it often!  It was an easy train ride into the city and Jacob loved it (he kept calling it the subway).  I wish I would have taken more pictures.

Ward Halloween Party 
For Halloween this year, I decided to have Jacob wear the same costume as last year.  I tried it on him a couple of weeks before Halloween, and it seemed to fit ok, but then when I put it on him for the ward party it seemed pretty tight and short.  Oh well, he still looked cute.

We had a great time at our ward party.  Jacob gets so excited when he is around other kids.  
Scooby and the gang

cupcake walk

walking in the costume parade (I don't think he realized that was what he was doing)

ready for trunk or treating!
I wasn't sure if Jacob would get trick or treating, but he sure caught on fast.  He can say "trick or treat" and "Thank you", and he did awesome!  Once he discovered he got candy at each car, he kept saying "more candy!  More candy!"

Mystery Dinner and Grandma at Grandpa Hirsts  
On Sunday we drove to Sacramento for the Hirst's Mystery dinner.  While waiting, Jacob discovered the piano and was hooked.  Doesn't it look like he is really playing?

Kevin's parents made a menu in which everything had a halloween name, so you had no idea what it was.  You had to choose 4 things for each course.  I did pretty well on my first course!  I got the main dish, bread, a drink, and a knife.  It was suprisingly easy eating lasagna with a knife.
I even guessed the right thing for a dessert for the last course!
The Menu

Halloween Night

A family in our new ward was so nice and invited us over to their house for dinner and trick or treating together.  Again, Jacob just loved being around all the kids.  And trick or treating was so much fun with him!  He would laugh and get so excited when the other kids would start running to the next house.  And most houses would let the kids pick out the candy, and Jacob was very good at charming a second helping out of everyone:)

Happy Halloween!

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Marne said...

I LOVE that you got to see Jane!! What fun. I miss the both of you!