Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our newest addition


Our little man is finally here!  Hudson James was born on Dec 30 at 7:00 pm, 5 days late.  I was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to go into labor!  On Friday morning I went into the hospital for my doctor's appointment (the regular office was closed for the holiday, so they had me go into the hospital for my appointment) and they hooked me up to a monitor to check the baby's heart rate.  The monitor showed that I was having contractions, and they quickly became more and more intense!  Finally they decided that I should stay at the hospital.

So, I called Kevin and told him we were having the baby today!  He called his sister (she was going to watch Jacob for us) and then worked his way over to the hospital.  It took him a while because his sister works a little far, and then I had the car so he couldn't come right away.  That was really hard for me because my contractions were getting a lot stronger very quickly, and I didn't have Kevin there to help me through them.  So it was a little scary for me.  Finally he got there, and I got an epidural, and was able to rest for a little bit.  But then, the epidural started to wear off and I was feeling everything!  It was not fun.  At that point I was at 9 cm and it was almost time to push.  They gave my epidural a boost, and that helped take a lot of the pain away.  But I still felt immense pressure.  I started to push, and the baby's heart rate started to drop.  (just like Jacob).  So again they had to use the vacuum, which I was not thrilled about.  But, it kept popping off, and the doctor said we would give it one more try and if it didn't work we were going to have to do a c section.  I did not want that, so I pushed with all my might, and it worked!  He came out, all 8 lbs 12 oz of him.  Not to mention a 14 cm head (which the nurse told me later that most women can't fit a 14 cm head through, which is probably why I tore--but not nearly as bad as I did with Jacob).   It was nice that everything happened so fast--I went in for an appointment at 11:00, and had Hudson at 7:00.  The hospital was amazing--the nurses were all so great, I got my own room, and Kevin was able to stay the night with me both nights.  It was awesome.  And the food was actually good!  I am so happy that our little boy is healthy and for the most part everything turned out fine.       

The next day, Kevin's sister brought Jacob in to see us, and I was so happy because I missed him a ton.  The first thing he did was climb on the bed and scarf down the rest of my lunch.  It's nice to see you too Jacob!

He didn't really get what was going on.  He would look at the baby and say "baby" or "baby's crying", but then would just roam around the room playing with everything in sight.  Hudson "gave" Jacob this stuffed dolphin and a book, which he loved.

Touching Hudson's toes

snuggling with mommy
Kevin provided the entertainment with his "floating head"

going home
It has definitely been challenging having two kids.  Luckily Kevin was able to take this whole week off of work to help, and he has been a tremendous help.  Jacob has loved having his daddy home too, so I think that has helped.  So far Jacob has done better than I expected.  He gets a little weird when Hudson cries, and has some cranky moments, but for the most part has been entertaining himself and staying busy.
Costco trip with dad
Hudson is such a sweet little baby.  And he has the best cheeks!

Jacob having fun in the tub
partial smile

I love my boys--all three of them!


Katie Blacker said...

You're a mama of TWO! Wowsers. Hudson looks just like his brother. I'm glad the delivery wasn't as bad as the first time. Love to you and your cute family!

Shanda said...

Heather! Baby Hudson is ADORABLE! Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you! Jacob is going to be an awesome big brother. They are going to love playing together when they are older.
Good luck and may your sleepless nights be few and far between!

Sarah, Nick and Seth said...

He is just adorable! He looks so much like Jacob. Glad everything went well and you are all happy and healthy!

Danielle said...

Congratulations! That's so exciting! Good luck with two! I'm sure that's quite an adjustment.

Jennie La said...

Oh my goodness! How did little Heather have an 8lb 12 oz baby! Good job lady. I love your updates and story - I have been thinking of you and wondering how everything is going. I'm glad Jacob is adjusting well. Hope you are feeling good! Love ya

Holly Greco said...

I love Hudson's coming home outfit! So adorable! I can't wait to see those lil munchkins:)

Jenna said...

congratulations! what a crazy story!

The Utterback Family said...

Yay for brothers!!! So glad everything worked out with the delivery! Nice job getting him out just in time for a good tax return too :) Love those December babies! You'll be fabulous with 2! Congrats!!!

jp said...

WHAT a sweetheart! I love a baby with cheeks! Congratulations!

stephanie and sean said...

CONGRATULATIONS you guys! We are so thrilled for you!

Bryan, Taylor and Aspen said...

Oh my goodness Heather! Your boys are so cute! Congrats on your newest addition. I don't know how you do it! I love those cheeks too. :)