Thursday, February 9, 2012

Life with Two

This post is all out of order because I don't have the patience to try and organize the photos.  I hate how blogger organizes the photos you upload!  I have such trouble with it, and my final post never looks like it does when I am writing it.  Maybe I am not as computer savvy as I thought.  Anywho, life with two kids has been fun and challenging.  Hudson is such a good baby.  I couldn't have asked for a better baby.  He eats in under ten minutes, is gaining weight rapidly, and is already smiling at me.  But despite the fact that he is an easy baby, it is still so hard!  Well, it is getting easier, but the first few weeks were tough.  Especially when they both cry at the same time, then it is like "which one do I attend to first?".  And then I would get Hudson to sleep, and Jacob would run into the room screaming and wake him up.  Also, I didn't feel like I was giving either of them enough attention, and I was so exhausted!  I was lucky to have my mom and sister come out to help me the second week.  it was so nice to have the extra hands, plus it was fun to hang out with them again.  They were a huge help and I was sad to see them go!  My sister got some good pics (I was too busy and exhausted to take any) and you can see them here

But, things are looking up.  Hudson is on more of a routine now, so we can get out everyday and take Jacob  somewhere fun (like story time or the park) which keeps him happy.  We also try to do something fun as a family for Jacob on Saturdays, and that helps too.  And Jacob is slowly getting used to Hudson's crying, and will try to give him a pacifier or tell him it is ok. He is even asking to hold him now, and says things like "hey little Hudson" or "he's so sweet".  And I can usually get a nap or at least rest while they are both napping now, and Hudson is starting to sleep for longer stretches at night.  the other night I got a four hour stretch, which felt so nice!  Here are some pics from the past month:
My sis in law and I attempted to get some newborn photos.  Hudson wasn't really into it though, but we got a couple of good ones:)
Hudson's cute cousin trying to cheer him up.

Family photo!  Would be a good one if my eyes were open

Last Sunday we had Hudson's
blessing, and some of Kevin's family was able to come.  We had everyone over after for lunch and had a cake for Jacob (since his birthday is next Sunday).  I made him this train cake because he is really into trains right now.

The cake before

blowing out the candles

This cake was just for the kids, so we let them dig right in

The cake after

pics outside the Oakland Temple

watching Chuggington with his cousin (he LOVES this show!) on Aunt Tara's iPad

Hudson just loves his daddy.  He always gets a huge smile on his face when he sees him
Out for a stroll.  We have a little stream running through our complex, and there are ducks that Jacob loves to see.  We take a walk to see them 2-3 times a week.  And, on special occasions (like when we have to drop off mail) we make a stop at the leasing office and Jacob gets to pick a piece of candy out of the candy jar.  He always picks a lollipop.

Fun with daddy at the Cheesecake Factory

trying to be like Hudson

First bath!

reading Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel--one of Jacob's favorites

playing memory with grandma

shaving like daddy

"I'm a big brother!"

Chips and salsa with daddy

snuggling with grandma

Having fun at Chuck E. Cheese

Jacob has been treating his stuffed animals like babies, and I think it is so hilarious.  Here he is in Hudson's bassinet trying to get his dog to sleep.
Swinging his dog who is being fussy
Giving his dog playtime on the play mat

Jacob flocks to the older kids at the park

peek a boo at Costco

So Jacob is really into this show called Chuggington, which is about trains.  His aunt Tara got him some Chuggington trains for his birthday, and he is in love with them.  He started singing the theme song when he opened them.  It's actually more like a resent for me, because he spends lots of time playing in his room with them

"Hudson needs a blinkie!"


Katie Blacker said...

holy cow you are busy girl! looks like lots of fun though too. What a cute family you have!!

Shanda said...

Happy almost birthday Jacob! What an adorable train cake! I love that you let the kids go at it, what a fun idea!

Baby Hudson is absolutely the cutest little guy ever! I'm so glad he's a good baby for you. I love seeing the interaction between the brothers, they will be friends for life!

Holly Greco said...

Okay first..LUV the pic of you cuddling Hudsy! So adorable and I'm luvin Jakes mohawk! :) Miss you sis:)

eliza said...

Don't worry--- it gets better! (And maybe easier too.) You look like you're doing great and having lots of fun! Miss you!

Wiseguys said...

Oh man, I remember those days. It's SO hard when they are both crying at the same time!!!! I can remember some days when Jax, Madi, and me were crying :) But it does get better and pretty soon they will be playing together and being best friends!

Hudson is SUCH a doll!