Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The latest

I know, I haven't posted in ages.  I was beginning to wonder if I should keep posting.  It is just so time consuming!  And time is what I have little of.  But I decided to keep going, because it's nice to go back and read posts and remember specific things that happened.  And my friends and family can see what is going on in our daily lives.

So, this is going to be a long post, with tons of pics.  Because my pics are way better then my words.  So here ya go....
Jacob is totally obsessed with trains still.  He has us build him a track every morning.  We are getting pretty creative too--Kevin started doing these letter tracks.

Hudson continues to be a dream baby.  So happy all the time.  And if he starts fussing, I usually just lay him down in his crib and he goes right to sleep.  And, he is sleeping through the night!!!!!  I am so blessed:)  He also loves Jacob, and just smiles watching him play.  Daddy is his favorite too, making him smile from ear to ear.  
 For my big 30th birthday this year, we just had a little dinner at our house and had Kevin's parents and sister over.  We had Strawberry shortcake and birthday cake oreos (which are quite yummy).  Everyone seems to make a big deal out of turning 30, like it is the end of the world or something.  I don't feel any different.  In fact sometimes it is hard for me to remember that I am not a college student anymore.

Kevin's b day was in March, and we had a little family dinner at home.  I made his favorite foods (Parmesan onion chicken, mashed potatoes, rolls) and we made him an ice cream cake with everything you could imagine swirled inside.
He got an amazing present.
Which turns out to be an amazing present for Jacob too (Chuggington on the go!  He is in heaven.)

Kevin is such a good daddy and such an amazing husband.  I don't know how I got so lucky.  He always tries to make me happy and he helps me so much with the boys.  Thats because he totally adores them:)  I mean, they are mini versions of him!  
Easter.  Easter was totally fun with Jacob this year.  We had a huge egg hunt with our ward, and Jacob had a ball.  He was happy with only a few eggs, and he would immediately open them and eat the candy inside.  We have the best ward too.  Jacob loves all the kids and everyone is so friendly and down to earth.  They really make you feel included.  We just love it here. 

This was Jacob's first time on a trampoline, and it was hilarious.  Watching him try to jump was so awesome--he was very awkward and so funny, but he loved it.  

We stayed at Kevin's parents house for Easter weekend, and Kevin's sister and her kids were there visiting from Utah.  We had so much fun.  Jacob loves being around so many kids.  And our awesome niece watched the boys for us so Kevin and I could go see Hunger Games (thanks again Makenna!).  In the morning we gave Jacob and Hudson Easter baskets, and Jacob immediately got into the food part of it.

Ready for church in our new Easter clothes!

We had another egg hunt and grandma and grandpas house.  By this time, Jacob was a pro!

 Love Jacob's face in this one.
Love Hudson's face in this one.

While we were at Kevin's parents, Jacob said he wanted to use the potty.  I was shocked!  So I took him in there, and he got on the toilet, completely naked.  He asked for his cousins to come in and watch, and he went!  So, I thought he was ready to be potty trained.  We got him the cool training pants, new Mickey Mouse underwear, lots of fun prizes and treats, we were ready.  I tried for about a week, and he would sit on the potty for a half hour and do nothing.  Then I would put his training pants back on, and he would immediately go.  So I don't know, I guess he is not ready yet.  I am backing off for a bit, because it is way too much work if he is not interested!
My handsome little Huds:)  Jacob always calls him "Huds" or "Hudson James".  Its really cute.  
Kevin's two sisters, mom, and nieces and nephew came over to visit one day, and Jacob was such a charmer.  He always takes control of the room in a large crowd.  He is quite the charmer.  He says the funniest things and will repeat whatever you say.  Hudson is already quite the charmer too, smiling at everyone.

 Giving everyone multiple hugs while saying "awww".

Train Museum.  In Sacramento, they have an awesome railroad museum that we bought a year pass too.  So whenever we visit, we try to make a stop here cause Jacob loves it so much.  They also have a mini donut shop where you can get melt-in-your-mouth-donuts, and an old fashioned candy store with candy in the bins.  It is heaven for a little kid.

 Keeping himself entertained while I feed Hudson.  He is getting very good at this.

Again, charming anyone who comes in his path.

 Paying for the candy.
One happy customer!
Inside the train museum, they have trains of every size, from every decade.  There are also several model trains with elaborate villages that you can watch.
Jacob found some vintage Mickey Mouse trains.

They also have a large room with several sets of Thomas trains to play with.  This is Jacob's favorite part.

Check out that kid with the overalls and railroad hat!

Such concentration.

Camping.  Last weekend, some friends in the ward invited us to go camping with them.  I was a little hesitant at first because of Hudson, but in the end we thought it would be fun because it was just for one night and we would be camping in Mt. Diablo, which is really close.  We had such a fun time, and Hudson slept like a rock.  There were several families who came, and Jacob had a blast playing with all the kids.  It was a very successful first camping trip!
We made "walking tacos" (thanks pinterest!) and I highly recommend them.  Put taco ingredients in a bag of fritos, and eat.  They were so good and so easy.

Hudson seemed to love the outdoors.  He was very content all evening.  
Our campsite was gorgeous, and we even had awesome views of the city.  There were wild turkeys, and you could constantly hear them.
And of course, we made smores.  We also made "smeeps", with peeps!

Jacob only had a few bites.  He didn't really care about smores.  He just wanted to keep roasting marshmallows without eating them.  
 Hudson slept right through it:)

Reading stories in our tent before bed. Jacob has his only little play tent, so we set it up inside our tent and he slept in that.  I had a little bassinet for Hudson.

"I slept great!"
The kids had the most fun with the water spout.  Jacob drank the muddy water a few times.  Oh well.

Kevin made the best bacon for breakfast on the fire.

Even the kids loved the bacon!
 Hudson enjoying the scenery

After we packed up our campsite, we drove up to the top of mount Diablo, which has amazing views.  I was more than a little scared on the drive up--narrow, winding roads give me major anxiety.  But the views were awesome.

Such a great camping trip.  And next week, we are headed to Disneyland!!! Hopefully it won't take me two months to post about it:)


Marne said...

that was an impressively long post! Well done. I love that you got to camping!!! How fun! Looks like some good time. Hope Disneyland is fabulous!

Katie Blacker said...

I am so glad you posted! It is so much fun to *see* what your life is like these days. You just have the cutest family. You are living the dream girl! Have fun at Disney!

p.s. jacobs fauxhawk is my fav.

Jennie La said...

Yay for a post! I love reading your updates. Hudson is such a little Hirst (like Jacob). And by Hirst I'm including you in on that too:). Miss ya!

Jennie La said...

Yay for a post! I love reading your updates. Hudson is such a little Hirst (like Jacob). And by Hirst I'm including you in on that too:). Miss ya!

stephanie and sean said...

I'm so glad you're still posting! It's so fun to stop by and see what you guys are up to and how big your boys are getting!! I wish we lived closer :)