Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The happenings

A few weeks ago, our computer crashed. All of our files, gone. It was so sad. I was mostly worried about our pictures, since we hadn't backed up our computer since before Jacob was born! To save you all the boring details, we were able to recover about 90% of our pics, so it wasn't too bad. But it is nice to have a working computer again! I never realized how much I use it.

Jacob has been growing fast and reaching new milestones! He can now sit up on his own.

And he started eating rice cereal, which he loves! I think I am going to give him carrots this week to try.

He also loves the swings at the park. I think he feels so cool in it, and he enjoys the scenery.

He has been a really good sleeper, but he is starting to get too big for his little pack n play! We often find him squished up against the side. This is how he has been sleeping lately:

He is also becoming quite the piano player:)

He likes to suck on his toes, and he also growls!

Here are some family pics we took one Sunday using our tripod. It was hard to get him to smile at just a camera, instead of a face behind the camera trying to make him laugh. So we took some individually.

This one just makes me laugh for some reason:)

What a ham!

Last weekend, we decided to take a little road trip to Palmyra and Niagara Falls. We saw Joseph Smith's home, the Sacred Grove, and Hill Cumorah. We saw Niagara falls on the New York side, because we forgot our passports. I have seen it on the Canadian side before, and I have to say it is a better view on that side. But it was still pretty cool:) Jacob did pretty well, except that he is not used to being in his car seat ever, so he didn't always like it. But luckily, the driving made him fall asleep for a good chunk of time. He also did really well at all the sites, but night time was a different story. He woke up so many times, and he was up for the day at 6:00 each day. Kevin and I felt like we didn't sleep at all! But despite this, we still thought the trip was fun:)

Jacob's face is hilarious in this picture:)

So sweet:)

Joseph Smith's log cabin. It seems really small on the outside, but it feels bigger on the inside. We learned that in those days, pretty much all of their eating utensils were made with lead, even baby bottles.


eliza said...

Oh, the adventures of traveling with a baby and no sleep! Story of our lives!

Jenna said...

that sunday photo shoot is perfect! love his smile!

stephanie and sean said...

He is SO adorable!!!!! I love his little smile :)

Sarah said...

You guys are so adventurous! He is getting so big ... he's adorable and looks so much like his daddy! I'm so impressed with you guys having a white couch with a baby ... and those pictures are so so cute!