Friday, December 2, 2011

Waiting for baby

I love when I catch Jacob sitting at his little table:)
This past month seemed to just fly by!  Between Thanksgiving, unpacking and organizing, and getting ready for the baby, I feel like I blinked and the month was over.  And now my due date is only three weeks away!  Yikes!  I am excited to see this little guy, but am getting really nervous about having two kids.  Wish me luck!  Here are some pics from the past month.
Jacob wearing one of Kevin's ties.  He loves to go through our stuff and put on accessories.  He also loves to make this cheesy face for us. 
Again with the cheesy face and accessories.  This time my sparkly belt.

Here he is on our makeshift desk before we got a real one.  He gets on the computer, moves the mouse, and says "working".  I guess we always tell him we are working when we are on it:)

On Thanksgiving Day, my camera decided not to work, so I don't really have any pictures from that day.  We ended up staying put since I was too far along to fly, and went to Kevin's parents house for Thanksgiving.  Jacob had a blast with his cousins, and we also had a chance to take him to the Train Museum, which he loved!

There were tons of model trains, as well as some life sized trains.  I thought it was neat to go through the train that was set up like trains used to be, with a sleeping car and a dining car.

This was a magnifying glass, but he thought it was a phone:)
We also set up our Christmas tree, and I tried to get Jacob involved.  He thought some of the ornaments were cool, but he was more interested in playing with his cars than putting up ornaments.  However, he does love the finished tree.  Every morning when he wakes up he asks me to plug it in and says "wow, pretty!"
Here's a pic with my big belly!  It is getting so uncomfortable for me to move around or do anything really.

See, more interested in cars and boxes.  Such a boy.
We have also been spending a lot of time at Ikea, since we moved with with practically nothing.  Luckily they are so kid friendly.  Kevin and I can eat a meal there in peace while he plays!
Jacob loves when his Aunt Tara visits. She is so fun and has the coolest toys, like this iPad.  Here he is watching Elmo while at the Cheesecake factory (which I love that we are so close to!).
Jacob loves the ducks that live around our apartment complex.  He often talks about them, saying that they are eating, or taking a nap.  And he loves to push his Mickey around in the stroller to go see the ducks.

I thought this was so funny--he said "look mommy!" and got into the drawer

Another funny thing he said--He put this blanket on and said  "fur coat".  Where does he come up with these things!

playing legos with cousins

Playing baseball outside with burnt dinner rolls

shopping at walmart

At the park with his pal Mickey

Hopefully for my next post, I will have baby news!!!  


Marne said...

I think his hair has grown like 4 inches since you moved! He looks so old! Good luck with the baby!!

Heather said...

Love the photos. Great use for the dinner rolls. I love it! Your little man is getting so big! I am sure he will be a good big brother. Enjoy and good luck with the baby #2.

Holly Greco said...

I miss that little guy! He has grown so much since i saw him last...:( Hope you are feeling okay momma:)

Kacey said...

Heather, how are you? Congrats on #2. We have two boys, its busy but so fun having brothers to play together. Can you e-mail me your new address in Cali? Miss you ;)